North American Indians: Films and Videos

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Savagery and the American Indian

A BBC-TV production in association with Lionheart Television International ; written by James Wilson, Ken Kirby ; produced by Ken Kirby.
CALL # E77 .S39 1991.
PUBLISHER: Princeton, N.J. : Films for the Humanities & Sciences, [c2000].
DESCRIPTION: 2 videocassettes (101 min.) ; 1/2 in.
CONTENTS: pt. 1. Wilderness (51 min.) -- pt. 2. Civilization (50 min.).
SUMMARY: Dscribes the impact of white settlement on the American Indian. Part 1 covers the period from 1620-1890 when the Indian population had fallen from 5 million to 250,000. Traces the expansion of white settlement; the resultant depletion of the native peoples and the way in which contemporaries recorded the events. Part 2 traces developments since 1890 when the Indian reservations were established and the residual tribes were compulsorily moved into them. The program talks of the native peoples efforts to retain more of their own culture in the face government endeavors to assimilate them, and the resultant cultural and social problems.
NOTE: Originally broadcast on the television series Timewatch in 1991.

Science or Sacrilege: Native Americans, Archaeology, & the Law

CALL # GN33.6 .S34 1996.
PUBLISHER: Berkeley, Calif. : Univ. of Calif. Extension Center for Media and Independent Learning, c1996.
DESCRIPTION: 1 videocassette (57 min.) ; 1/2 in.
SUMMARY: Discusses the issue of the controversy between Indians and scientists on the excavations and study of Indian burial grounds and remains. Examines the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation act (NAGPRA) passed in 1990, its underlying moral and political issues, its practical consequences, and the prospects for science in the post-NAGPRA world.
OTHER TITLE: Native Americans, archaeology, & the law.

Seasons of a Navajo

A presentation of KAET Phoenix, Arizona ; produced and photographed by John Borden ; produced by Peace River Films.
CALL # E99.N3 S427 1984.
PUBLISHER: [Alexandria, Va.] : PBS Home Video ; Beverly Hills, CA : Distributed by Pacific Arts Video, 1990,c1984.
DESCRIPTION: 1 videocassette (60 min.) ; 1/2 in.
SUMMARY: Shows one year in the life of an extended Navajo family on a southwestern reservation. Contrasts the traditional life with modern changes.
OTHER TITLE: Seasons of the Navajo.

Seasons of a Navajo

Arizona Board of Regents; produced by Peace River Films.
CALL # E99.N3 S427 1985.
PUBLISHER: [Washington, D.C.] : PBS Video, 1988,c1985.
DESCRIPTION: 1 videocassette (60 min.); 1/2 in. + 1 lesson guide.
SUMMARY: Chauncey and Dorothy, grandparents to an extended family of two generations, maintain their existence by farming, weaving, and tending sheep in a traditional hogan without water or electricity. Their children live in tract homes and their grand children attend modern public schools.

A Seat at the Table: Struggling for American Indian Religious Freedom

CALL # E98.L7 R43 2004
PUBLISHER: San Francisco : Kifaru Productions, [c2004].
DESCRIPTION: 1 videocassette (91 min.): sd., col. ; 1/2 in.

Secrets of the Little Bighorn

Arkios Productions; a presentation of Films for the Humanities & Sciences.
CALL # E83.876 .S43 1993.
PUBLISHER: Princeton, N.J. : Films for the Humanities & Sciences, c1993.
DESCRIPTION: 1 videocassette (25 min) ; 1/2 in.
SUMMARY: Archaeologists, by tracing the bullets and cartridge cases across the battlefield, have generated a computer simulation of the final moments of the Battle of Little Bighorn. The reconstuction represents a dramatic reversal from the way the battle has been traditionally portrayed
OTHER TITLE: Archaeology (Television program)

Seeking the First Americans

Subjects: Paleo-Indians, Indians -- Origin.
CALL # E61 .S4.
PUBLISHER: Washington, D.C. : PBS Video, c1980.
DESCRIPTION: 1 cassette (60 min.) : sd., col. ; 3/4 in.
SUMMARY: Archaeologists from Texas to Alaska search for clues to the identity of the first people to tread the North American continent, the early hunters who between 11,000 and 50,000 years ago crossed the Bering Strait in pursuit of game.

Seyewailo, the Flower World: Yaqui Deer Songs

Larry Evers, producer ; Denny Carr, director ; in cooperation with the University of Arizona Radio-TV-Film Bureau.
CALL # F1221.Y3 S49 1978.
PUBLISHER: [Tucson] : University of Arizona Radio-TV-Film Bureau, c1978.
DESCRIPTION: 1 videocassette (51 min.) ; 3/4 in. + 1 guide.
SUMMARY: Presents a compressed version of a traditional Yaqui fiesta, featuring the well-known deer dance, six deer songs, and coyote skit.
NOTE: Yaqui with narration and subtitles in English.

The Shadow Catcher: Edward S. Curtis and the North American Indian

Produced and directed by T.C. McLuhan ; written by T.C. McLuhan, Dennis Wheeler.
CALL # E-11,491.
PUBLISHER: New Brunswick, N.J. : Phoenix Films, 1974.
DESCRIPTION: 2 reels (88 min.); 16 mm.
SUMMARY: A critical account of the life of Edward S. Curtis, a photographer and writer who worked among the Indians of the American Southwest for over 32 years.

The Sheepeaters: Keepers of the past

CALL # E99.S39 S43 1990.
PUBLISHER: Boseman, Mont. : Earthtalk Productions, 1990.
DESCRIPTION: 1 videocassette (30 min.) ; 1/2 in.
SUMMARY: Tells the story of the Sheepeaters, a group of reclusive Shoshone-speaking Indians who inhabited the Plateau in Yellowstone at the time the first white men visited the area in the early nineteenth century.

The Silent Enemy

Paramount ; a Burden-Chanler production ; scenario by Richard Carver ; directed by H.P. Carver.
CALL # PS3505.A7268 S5 1978.
PUBLISHER: [Monroe, Conn.] : Reel Images, [1978?]
DESCRIPTION: 2 cassettes (U-matic) (110 min.) ; 3/4 in.
SUMMARY: A fictional documentary which presents a study of the Ojibway Indians' struggle for food before the coming of the Europeans. Tells of the rivalry between Baluk, the hunter, and Dagwan, the medicine man, for the chief's daughter and the leadership of the tribe in the coming winter. Filmed in Northern Ontario with an all-Indian cast.

Siskyavi: The Place of Chasms

Producer/director, Victor Masayesva, Jr.
CALL # E99.H7 S5 1991.
PUBLISHER: New York : Electronic Arts Intermix ; 1991, c1989.
DESCRIPTION: 1 videocassette (28 min.) ; 1/2 in.
SUMMARY: Depicts how Hopi pottery is made by obtaining and preparing the clay for pottery-making and then creating special designs taken from nature which depict the legends of the Hopi people. Also shows a group of Hopi high school students on their trip to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. where they learn more about their culture through the ancient Hopi pottery studied there.

Sitting Bull

Produced by Galafilm in association with History Television ... [et al.] ; written and directed by Brian McKenna ; produced by Richard Elson, Arnie Gelbart.
CALL # E99.D1 S615 2002
PUBLISHER: Montreal, Quebec : National Film Board of Canada, 2002.
DESCRIPTION: 2 videocassettes (47 min. ea.) : sd., col. ; 1/2 in.
SUMMARY: In the years following the U.S. Civil War, a hard-fought Sioux resistance to western expansion, led by warrior and healer Sitting Bull, seemed to have accomplished the impossible: a treaty in which the United States gave the Sioux control of their territory for all time. The life and legacy of Sitting Bull, the remarkable Native leader that the U.S government regarded as a stubborn and dangerous obstacle.
OTHER TITLE: Chiefs (Television program)


Grandview Pictures, First Look Media in association with Starz Encore Entertainment, Aboriginal Peoples Television Network and Jon Kilik presents a film by Chris Eyre ; producer, Jon Kilik ; writer, Jennifer D. Lyne ; director, Chris Eyre. 
CALL # PN1997 .S55 2003
PUBLISHER: [United States] : First Look Home Entertainment, [2003], 2002.
DESCRIPTION: 1 videodisc (87 min.) : sd., col. ; 4 3/4 in.
SUMMARY: In the shadow of Mt. Rushmore, lies one of the poorest counties in America, The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. For police officer Rudy Yellow Lodge, the painful legacy of Indian existence is brought home every night as he locks up drunk and disorderly Indians, including his own brother. Rudy's frustration leads him to take the law into his own hands. Ultimately, Rudy is able to honor his big brother, and his people with a life-affirming act of defiance. Based on the novel by Adrian C. Louis.


CALL # PS3558.I45 S53 2002
PUBLISHER: Burbank, CA : Distributed by Warner Home Video : Distributed by Carlton International, c2002.
DESCRIPTION: 1 videocassette (approx. 97 min.) : sd., col. ; 1/2 in.
SUMMARY: The Navajo Tribal Police investigate the murder of a medicine man. At the crime scene is a partially completed pictograph. One clue sends a chill through a young officer: the arrow used in the killing has a tip of human bone, a sign that a Navajo spirit - a "skinwalker" - is at work.

Smoke Signals

CALL # PN1997 .S584 1998
PUBLISHER: Burbank, CA : Miramax Home Entertainment ; Distributed by Buena Vista Home Entertainment, [1999]
DESCRIPTION: 1 videodisc (89 min.) ; 4 3/4 in.
SUMMARY: Story of the journey of two Coeur d'Alene Indian boys from Idaho to Arizona. Victor is the stoic, handsome son of an alcoholic father who has abandoned his family. Thomas is a gregarious, goofy young man orphaned as an infant by a fire which Victor's father accidentally started while drunk. Thomas is a storyteller who makes every effort to connect with the people around him; Victor, in contrast, uses his quiet demeanor to gain strength and confidence. When Victor's estranged father dies in Arizona the two young men embark on a journey to recover his ashes. Along the way the two learn a number of life lessons from each other and those around them.
NOTE: Based on stories by Sherman Alexie from the book: The Lone Ranger and Tonto fistfight in heaven.
NOTE: DVD; stereo; Dolby digital.

Snaketown: Early Indian Farmers Conquer the Arizona Desert : Snaketown Excavations 1964-65

Sponsored by the Arizona State Museum.
CALL # E99.H68 S63 1989.
PUBLISHER: Berkeley, CA : University of California Extension Media Center, [1989?]
DESCRIPTION: 1 videocassette (40 min.) ; 1/2 in.
SUMMARY: Uses live action, aerial perspectives, and artists' recreations to explore the archeological excavation of Snaketown, a Hohokam Indian farming village 25 miles SE of Phoenix on the north bank of the Gila River.
Early Indian farmers conquer the Arizona desert.
Snaketown excavations 1964-65.

Sometimes We Feel

CALL # A-10,528.
PUBLISHER: Barr Films, 1974.
DESCRIPTION: 10 min. ;16 mm.
SUMMARY: Explores the dilemma of any group of people who are left behind or pushed aside by the rush of the modern world. A young Indian tells of the proud history of his people and explains how they are now reduced to a life of sorrow, poverty, and neglect on their desert reservation.

Son of the Morning Star 

Republic Pictures.
CALL # PN1997 .S66 1991.
PUBLISHER: Los Angeles, CA : Republic Pictures Home Video, c1991.
DESCRIPTION: 2 videocassettes (183 min.) ; 1/2 in.
SUMMARY: Retelling of the legendary Battle of Little Bighorn, the meeting of Gen. George Armstrong Custer and Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse. Told from both the soldiers' and Indians' viewpoint, the battle proved to be the beginning of the end for the American Indians and their way of life.

Song Journey

Direction, narration and concept by Arlene Bowman ; a presentation of the Independent Television Service.
CALL # P98.P86 S64 1994.
PUBLISHER: New York, NY : Women Make Movies (distributor), c1994.
DESCRIPTION: 1 videocassette (57 min.) ; 1/2 in.
SUMMARY: A video journal of a trip through the powwow circuit in the United States and Canada in 1993. Looks at how women from a variety of tribes in North America participate in powwows and at how these women view their role in the music, dance, and costume associated with the powwow, in particular, the use of women as drummer/singers and dancers.

Songs of My Hunter Heart: Laguna Songs & Poems

With Harold Littlebird ; Larry Evers, producer ; Denny Carr, director ; in cooperation with the University of Arizona Radio-TV-Film Bureau.
CALL # E99.L2 S66 1978.
PUBLISHER: [Tucson] : University of Arizona Radio-TV-Film Bureau, c1978.
DESCRIPTION: 1 videocassette (34 min.) ; 3/4 in. + 1 guide.
SUMMARY: Singer/poet Harold Littlebird sings, reads his poems, and discusses his work in the context of traditional Laguna songs and poetry.

Southern Arizona Indians

CALL # E78.A7 S57 1995.
PUBLISHER: Tucson, Ariz. : KUAT TV, c1995.
DESCRIPTION: 1 videocassette (22 min.); 1/2 in.
SUMMARY: Shows the life and history of the Indians of southern Arizona.

Southwest Folklore Center Videorecordings Collection, 1977-1994

CALL # SWF 010. Special Coll
DESCRIPTION: 75 videocassettes.
SUMMARY: Videorecordings of Native American poetry readings, dance, music and storytelling performances, chiefly in Tucson, Arizona and southern Arizona; Mexican American music; oral histories concerning Tucson, Arizona; and interviews with cowboy poets, singers and storytellers. The collection also documents aspects of Ukranian folk art.
NOTE: Three series: General Folklore Materials, 1977-1994; Barrio Historico Interviews, 1990; Arco Iris Association Productions, 1989-1992.
NOTE: In English with some materials in Spanish, Tohono O'Odham and Yaqui.

The Spirit of Crazy Horse

Produced by Michel Dubois and Kevin McKiernan ; directed by James Locker ; written by Milo Yellow Hair ... [et al.] ; a production of Parallax Productions and Access Productions in association with WGBH.
CALL # E99.D1 S67 1990.
PUBLISHER: [United States] : PBS Video, c1990.
DESCRIPTION: 1 videocassette (60 min.) ; 1/2 in.
SUMMARY: Milo Yellow Hair recounts the story of the Sioux Indian's struggle to reclaim their ancestral homeland, and the program investigates the simmering conflict of recent decades and offers a perspective on the choices that lie ahead.

Spirit of the Dawn

CALL # E97 .S695 1994.
PUBLISHER: Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ : New Day Films, c 1994.
DESCRIPTION: 1 videocassette : b&w ; 1/2 in.
SUMMARY: This documentary traces the history of Indian education in the U.S. and the experience of the Crow Indians in Montana in particular. It features the work of 6th grade teacher Mick Fedullo, who uses poetry as a tool for Crow Indian students to express their cultural heritage. Includes archival footage.

The Spirit of the Mask

Gryphon Productions ; produced and directed by Peter von Puttkamer ; written by Peter von Puttkamer with Wade Davis.
CALL # E78.N78 S65 1992.
PUBLISHER: Berkeley, CA : University of California Extension Center for Media and Independent Learning, c1992.
DESCRIPTION: 1 videocassette (50 min.) ; 1/2 in.
SUMMARY: This documentary explores the spiritual and psychological powers of the masks used by Northwest Coast native peoples. It features dramatic, rarely-seen ceremonies as well as commentary by important Indian spriritual leaders, and relates how these traditions were historically repressed by Christian Europeans.
The program also considers the role of masks in other cultures and examines the meaning of tribal art both to indigenous cultures and to the contemporary West.

Starting Fire with Gunpowder

Tamarack Productions ; directed by David Poisey, William Hansen ; produced by William Hansen.
CALL # E92 .S72 1991.
PUBLISHER: New York City, N.Y. : First Run Icarus Films, 1991.
DESCRIPTION: 1 videocassette (59 min.) ; 1/2 in.
SUMMARY: Story about the Inuit people's struggle to control television, and Inuit television.
OTHER TITLE: As long as the rivers flow (Television program)

The Sun Dagger

The Solstice Project ; producer, Anna Sofaer ; director, Albert Ihde.
CALL # E99.P9 S86 1983.
PUBLISHER: Bethesda, MD : Atlas Video, Inc., 1983, c1993.
DESCRIPTION: 1 videocassette (59 min.) ; 1/2 in.
SUMMARY: Describes the discovery of a celestial calendar in the Chaco Canyon in New Mexico which was constructed more than 1,000 years ago by the Anasazi Indians. Describes the complex workings of the calendar and the culture of the Indians who built it.

Sun, Moon & Feather

A film by Jane Zipp, Bob Rosen; produced and directed by Jane Zipp and Bob Rosen.
CALL # E78.N7 S85 1989.
PUBLISHER: [New York, NY?] : Cinema Guild, c1989.
DESCRIPTION: 1 videocassette (30 min.) ; 1/2 in.
SUMMARY: Presents a musical comedy-documentary about three Native American sisters growing up in Brooklyn during the 1930s and 1940s.
OTHER TITLE: Sun, Moon and Feather.

The Sunrise Dance

CALL # E99.A6 S863 1994.
PUBLISHER: New York, N.Y. : Filmakers Library, c1994.
DESCRIPTION: 1 videocassette (28 min.); 1/2 in.
SUMMARY: This documentary focuses on 13-year-old Maureen Nachu, who lives on the Fort Apache Reservation in Whiteriver, Arizona. Describes the traditional coming-of-age ceremony for young Apache women, in which they use special dances and prayers.

Surviving Columbus: The Story of the Pueblo People

KNME-TV and the Institute of American Indian Arts ; director: Diane Reyna ; writer: Larry Walsh ; producers: Larry Walsh, Edmund J. Ladd.
CALL # E99.P9 S865 1992.
PUBLISHER: [Alexandria, Va.] : PBS Home Video ; [Los Angeles] : Distributed by Pacific Arts, c1992.
DESCRIPTION: 1 videocassette (120 min.) ; 1/2 in.
SUMMARY: Tells the other side of history --the story of the European conquest as viewed by America's Pueblo people, told in their voices, and seen through their eyes. Captured in beautiful images, dramatic words, and music.

Sweating Indian Style: Conflicts over Native American Ritual

Produced and directed by Susan Smith.
CALL # E98.S94 S9 1994.
PUBLISHER: New York, NY : Distributed by Women Make Movies, 1994.
DESCRIPTION: 1 videocassette (57 min.) ; 1/2 in.
SUMMARY: Presents opposing views on non-Native Americans' participation in traditional American Indian rites.

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