Judaic Studies: Films & Videos in the University of Arizona Library

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The Betty Schimmel Story

On order as of 5/9/2001.

Beyond the Green Line

1990?. 67 min. Filmakers Library Media Coll
Media Coll DS119.75 .B48 1990z . VIDEO.

Blue and White

1991. 63 min. Lauryn Axelrod.
Profiles of Soviet Jews who came to Israel to start a new life in their true homeland.
Media Coll DS135.R9 B58 1991. VIDEO.

A Brief History of Israel and the Arab/Palestinian Conflict

1992. 29 min. First Run Icarus Films.
An unbiased view of the major political turning points in the history of Israel, from antiquity to the present day. Film examines the roots and development of Israel's conflict with the Arabs and Palestinians. Reviews the claim of two peoples to one piece of land and the origins of their respective claims.
Media Coll DS119.7 .B75 1992. VIDEO.

Bubbeh Lee & Me

1996. 35 min. New Day Films.
Portrait of an extraordinary, ordinary Jewish grandmother and her gay grandson's search for his place in the world.
Media Coll DS112 .B8 1996. VIDEO.

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