Judaic Studies: Films & Videos in the University of Arizona Library

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Chen: Women's Auxiliary Corps (IDF Women's Auxiliary Corps)

Alden Films.
Media Coll VCT 924. VIDEO.

The Chosen People

1977. 55 min. Time-Life Films.
The movie asks the question, what is it that makes a Jew a Jew? Includes discussions with Elie Wiesel, Norbert Brainin, the Amadeus Quartet, and Dr. Pinchas Peli, a tenth generation rabbi.
Media Coll D-11,527. FILM.

Choosing One's Way: Resistance in Auschwitz/Birkenau

1994. 30 min. Ergo Media, Inc.
Documentary's focus is on a little-known story of resistance resulting in the destruction of Crematorium #4.
Media Coll D805.P7 C56 1994. VIDEO.

Christians, Jews, and Moslems in Medieval Spain

1989. 52 min. Films for the Humanities.
Describes the history of Spain from 711 to 1492, a period of Arab domination and intellectual ferment.
Media Coll DP99 .C57 1989. VIDEO.

Cosmology and Consciousness

1997. 60 min. Thinking Allowed Productions.
Daniel Chanan Matt is interviewed about cosmology and spirituality. Based on a national public television series.
Media Coll BL48 .C6 1997. VIDEO.

Creating Jewish Characters for Television

1996. Museum of Television and Radio.
From a series of satellite seminars which investigate how prime-time television is conceptualized and created.
Media Coll PN1992.13 .U55 1996. VIDEO.

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