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Judaic Studies: Films & Videos in the University of Arizona Library

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The David

1998. 108 min. Kino On Video.
David is a young German Jewish teenager who is caught up in the Nazi regime's persecution, eventually losing his home and family to the Holocaust. He survives as a victim and witness in this poetic but brutal drama filmed in Germany.
Media Coll PN1997 .D383 1998. VIDEO.

Days of Awe

1996. 43 min. Filmakers Library.
Throughout New York City, Orthodox Jews practice ancient customs that are little known to outsiders. Though often closed to strangers, the filmmaker was able to follow one ultra orthodox community in Brooklyn during their most sacred season.
Media Coll BM225.N4 D39 1996. VIDEO.

The Dead Sea Scrolls

1993. 360 min. Biblical Archaeology Society.
A six-part program of lectures on the Dead Sea scrolls by scholars with hands-on experience deciphering and interpreting these 2,000-year-old documents. Gives the history of their discovery and acquisition and relates ancient cultural and religious history brought to light by their interpretation, including roots of Christianity and Judaism. Contents: pt. 1. The secret of the caves- discoveries and controversies / Ronald S. Hendel. -- pt. 2. Qumran and the text of the Hebrew bible / Ronald S. Hendel. -- pt. 3. The dead sea scrolls and the early christian church / James C. VanderKam. -- pt. 6. Reconstructing the dead sea scrolls- computers and concordances / Martin G. Abegg. -- pt. 5. The rewritten bible at Qumran / Sidnie A. White. -- pt. 4. Living at the end of time- the beliefs of an apocalyptic community / Ronald S. Hendel.
Media Coll BM487 .D42 1993. VIDEO.

The Diary of Anne Frank

1995. 170 min. FoxVideo.
Dramatization of a young girl's diary describing the lives of eight people who hide in an attic for two years to avoid arrest by the Nazis.
Media Coll DS135.N6 F73313 1995. VIDEO.

The Disputation: A Theological Debate between Christians and Jews

1991. 64 min. Electric Rainbow Production.
Recreates a public theological debate between Christians and Jews, which were common during the Middle Ages. This one, held in Barcelona in 1263, was unique, being a genuine debate between Christianity and Judaism which brought to light the basic differences between the two religions.
Media Coll BM535 .D52 1991. VIDEO.

Docteur Petiot

1994. 102 min. World Artists Home Video.
Macabre tale of desperation, fear, and greed, based on the true story of the infamous physician who scandalized World War II-era France. Dr. Petiot lured hopelessly doomed Jews to secret meeting spots in the dead of night. Confident that his victims would never be reported as missing persons, Dr. Petiot viciously destroyed them in his private crematorium and brazenly stole their possessions.
Media Coll DS135.F83 D5 1990. VIDEO.

The Dynamics of Intolerance: Jews and Gentiles in Hellenistic Egypt

1999. 59 min. Biblical Archaeology Society.
Collins explores the ancient origins of anti-Semitism. Using two examples from pre-Christian Jewish communities in Egypt--the Elephantine and the Alexandrian communities--Collins uncovers some roots anti-Semitism having to do with nationalism and cultural concepts of hospitality, along with other causes related more directly to Jewish religious practices.
Media Coll DS145 .D96 1999. VIDEO.

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