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The Early Christian Bible in Art: Pagan or Jewish Roots?

1999. 49 min. Biblical Archaeology Society.
Jensen presents a fascinating introduction to the development of early Christian art. She connects themes and symbols with the associative meanings, sorting out which motifs can be traced to pagan prototypes and which are biblical in origin. Jensen also puts the birth of early Christian art into the context of the beliefs and practices of the early Christian community, exploring how, where, when and why Christian art first arose.
Media Coll N7832 .E27 1999. VIDEO.

The Early History of Sepphoris and the Jesus Movement

1999. 53 min. Biblical Archaeology Society.
Combining historical, archaeological and sociological information about Galilee during the time of Jesus, Strange portrays Galilee as an ideal setting for the beginning of a new religion. His description of the region in terms of archaeological evidence, geography, infrastructure, agriculture, weather, social structure, economy, and social and religious practices makes the birth of Christianity in Galilee seem inevitable.
Media Coll DS110.G2 E37 1999. VIDEO.

Escape from Sobibór

1987. 120 min. Avid Home Entertainment, distributed by Live Home Video.
True story of the mass escape of Jewish prisoners from the Nazi death camp at Sobibór, Poland.
Media Coll D805.P7 R33 1994. VIDEO.

Europa, Europa

1992. 115 min. Orion Home Video.
True story of a Jewish teenager who survived World War II by living as a Nazi for 7 years and through 3 countries.
Media Coll PN1997 .E838 1992. VIDEO.

Exil Shanghai

1997. 275 min. (2 videocassettes). Atara Releasing.
Personal reminiscences of Jewish life and Jewish refugees in Shanghai, China.
Media Coll DS135.C5 E9 1997. VIDEO.

The Eye of Vichy (L'oeil de Vichy)

1993. 110 min. First Run Features.
A compilation of long forgotten film footage and newsreels, produced by the Nazis and French collaborators during World War II. From the small town of Vichy in Central France, Field Marshall Petain's puppet government worked with their Nazi overlords in creating pro-Nazi propaganda. They skillfully produced a strange alternative history of the war years in order to turn public emotion against the Allies and the Jews.
Media Coll D810.P7 E9 1993. VIDEO.

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