Judaic Studies: Films & Videos in the University of Arizona Library

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The Final Solution

1978. 96 min. (3 reels, ca. 32 min. each). Learning Corporation of America.
Part three of four major episodes of the motion picture Holocaust originally presented on NBC-TV in April 1978.
Media Coll F-11,658. FILM.

Fires in the Mirror

1993. 82 min. PBS Video. (Originally made for American Playhouse television program).
Portraits based on verbatim interviews about the racial turmoil in Crown Heights, Brooklyn in 1991.
Media Coll E185.93.N56 F57 1993. VIDEO.

Four Women of Egypt

1997. 90 min. National Film Board of Canada.
How do we get along with each other when our views collide? These four Egyptian women have the same goals--human dignity and social justice--but each adopts an approach radically different from the others. Muslim, Christian, Jewish or non-religious, their visions of society range from wanting a secular or socialist state to an Islamic one. Deeply committed, these women argue openly, without ever breaking the bond that unites them.
Media Coll HM132.5 .F68 1997. VIDEO.

Fresh Blood: A Consideration of Belonging

1996. 54 min. Women Make Movies.
Documents Jewish racialized identity, Arab/Jewish dichotomies and the ways these come together in Iraqi Jewish culture, and the personal implications of the politics of Palestine and of the Jewish holocaust.
Media Coll DS143 .F747 1996. VIDEO.

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