Judaic Studies: Films & Videos in the University of Arizona Library

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Half the Kingdom

1989. Direct Cinema Ltd.
American, Canadian and Israeli women talk about their struggle to redefine their roles in Jewish life and attempt to incorporate feminist values into a their religion.
Media Coll HQ1172 .H34 1989. VIDEO.

Hanna's War

1988. 148 min. Media Coll Home Entertainment, Inc.
In World War II, the British seek commandos for a suicide mission, and among the volunteers is a young woman named Hanna Senesh. Based on the diaries of Hanna Senesh.
Media Coll PN1997 .H36 1988. VIDEO.

Hasidism: Four Points of Radiance

1998. Jewish Educational Media Coll .
Media Coll VCT 930. VIDEO.

High Fertility in the Middle East: Rational or Non-rational Behavior?

1988. 61 min. University of Arizona.
A lecture on high fertility rates in the Middle East among Islamic peoples, and the effects on the Jewish population.
Media Coll HB1043.3.A3 B43 1988. VIDEO.

Holocaust: The Story of Man's Inhumanity to Man

see Holocaust: The Story of the Family Weiss
Holocaust: The Story of the Family Weiss

1983. Worldvision Home Video, Inc.
Over the course of a decade, this story follows the lives of two families living in Nazi Germany.
Media Coll D804.3 .H64 1983. VIDEO.

Hotel Terminus: The Life and Times of Klaus Barbie

1995. 267 min. Video Treasures.
This award-winning documentary covers more than 70 years, 3 continents and 120 hours of interviews as it explores the disappearance of and subsequent 40-year hunt for Klaus Barbie, chief of Gestapo Dept. IV.
Media Coll DD247.B32 H683 1995. VIDEO.

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