Judaic Studies: Films & Videos in the University of Arizona Library

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Jerusalem after Oslo: No Justice, No Peace

1995. 85 min. Palestine Housing Rights Movement.
Historical documentation of Jerusalem covering the "divided city" and issues such as "The Jerusalem Pilgrimage Industry."
Media Coll DS113.7 .J4 1995. VIDEO.

Jerusalem: Gates to the City

1996. 31 min. The Center.
Explores cultural life in West Jerusalem, where various Jewish ethnic groups live, and East Jerusalem, where Muslims and Christian Palestinians live, and how each draws on and transforms their cultural traditions as they deal with the demands and tensions of contemporary life.
Media Coll DS109.93 J47 1996. VIDEO.

Jerusalem, the Living Past, the Emerging Future

1977. Amalia Pearlman.
Presents the transition of Jerusalem from an ancient religious center into a culturally rich, modern city.
Media Coll DS109.2 .P4. SLIDES.

Jewish Moments: A Celebration of Life

1995. 36 min. Windows of the World.
What enables Jews to survive as a people for 4,000 years? What binds the Jewish people together? What are the basic teachings and where are they to be found today? This film answers all of these important questions. Its simple, clear and joyful approach takes the viewer on a fantastic inward journey directly to the heart of the Jewish religion.
Media Coll BM45 .J55 1995. VIDEO.

Jewish Music Heritage Library: A People and Its Musi

c. 1997. 252 min.(9 videocassettes at 28 min. each). Ergo Media Coll .
Music and traditions from Jewish communities across Eastern Europe: v.1. Europe: toward the twentieth century -- v.2 Sepharad: the music of the Jews from Spain -- v.3. Ashkenaz: the music of the Jews from Eastern Europe -- v.4. Teiman: the music of the Jews from Yemen -- v. 5. Morocco: the music of the Jews of Morocco -- v.6. Hassidut: the music of the Hassidic community -- v.7. Toward Jerusalem -- v.8. One day the heart opens:a concert of ethnic music -- v.9. Italy: Salomone Rossi: Between Worlds.
Media Coll 5191.G3 J4 1997. VIDEO.

Jewish Reform Movements: Qumran and the Gospel of Matthew

1999. 55 min. Biblical Archaeology Society.
Saldarini characterizes the Qumran community, the Jesus movement and the followers of Matthew as contemporary reform groups within the broad categories of Jews and Christians. He theorizes that Matthew would have been aware of the Qumran community's beliefs (just as we are aware of various religious beliefs today) and notes similarities between the Matthean community, Qumran and Matthew's gospel.
Media Coll DS112 .J49 1999. VIDEO.

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