Judaic Studies: Films & Videos in the University of Arizona Library

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Palestine: Abdication

1977. 90 min. Heritage visual Sales.
Shows the problems plaguing Palestine with Jewish terrorists attacks against British and Arabs. Jewish, Arab and British historians comment on the events.
Media Coll DS126 .P34 1977. VIDEO.

Palestine: Promises

1977. 90 min. (2 videocassettes). Heritage Visual Sales.
Film clips offer a survey of Palestine history focusing on the early Zionist movement to make the area the permanent home of the Jewish people. Conflicts of Turks, British Arabs & Jews are shown during period 1900-1929. Arab, Jewish, & British historians comment on the events.
Media Coll DS125 .P32 1977. VIDEO.

Partisans of Vilna

199-. 130 min. Simon Wiesenthal Center.
Documentary, supplemented by interviews and archival footage, on activities of Jewish underground resistance in the Vilna ghetto against the Nazis during World War II.
Media Coll DS135 .R93 V56 1990z. VIDEO.

Passover: Traditions of Freedom

1994. 58 min. National Center for Jewish Film.
Explores traditional and ethnic celebrations of Passover from around the world, intertwining ancient customs and individual family stories with the history of traditional Passover foods.
Media Coll BM695.P3 P37 1994. VIDEO.

The Pianist

2003. 149 min.. Universal.
A Polish Jewish musician struggles to survive the destruction of the Warsaw ghetto of World War II.
Media Coll. PN1997 P473 2003 VIDEO

Port of Last Resort: Zuflucht in Shanghai

1998. 79 min. Pinball Films/Extrafilm.
Presents the little-known story of nearly 20,000 European Jewish refugees who fled to Shanghai in the years 1938-1941, through four survivors (Fred Fields, Ernest Heppner, Illo Heppner, and Siegmar Simon).
Media Coll DS135.C5 P67 1998. VIDEO.

The Psychology of Neo-Nazism: Another Journey by Train to Auschwitz

1994. 52 min. Films for the Humanities and Sciences. Follows four young neo-Nazis as they travel across Europe discussing their beliefs. In Berlin they are asked to visit Auschwitz with a Holocaust survivor.
Media Coll JC481 .P797 1994. VIDEO.

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