Judaic Studies: Films & Videos in the University of Arizona Library

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Rescuers, Stories of Courage.

1997. 107 min. Paramount Home Video.
Two extraordinary couples selflessly risk their own lives to provide safe homes and passage to Jewish refugees during the Holocaust. They open their hearts and homes to virtual strangers, showing remarkable strength, courage and compassion.
Not yet cataloged. VIDEO.

The Return of Sarah's Daughters.

1997. 56 min. Patch Works.
Three Jewish women discuss their relationship to Judaism.
Media Coll HQ1172.R48 1997. VIDEO.

The Road to Babi Yar

1978. 99 min. Learning Corporation of America. Second of four major episodes of the motion picture Holocaust originally presented on NBC-TV in April 1978. F-11,655. FILM.

Roots and Wings: A Jewish Congregation

1996. 29 min. Films for the Humanities.
What does it mean to be Jewish? Too few Christians know Judaism as a living community shaped by thousands of years of a people's relationship with God and the world. This video introduces a Jewish congregation and presents the ways in which Judaism is passed on from generation to generation in a predominantly Christian society.
Media Coll BM700 .R66 1996. VIDEO.

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