Judaic Studies: Films & Videos in the University of Arizona Library

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Times of Darkness

1997. Women Make Movies.
A moving and essential contribution to our understanding of the Holocaust and Nazi era, this inspiring film tells the rarely heard story of women's survival and resistance in German-occupied countries during World War II. While searing testimony and dramatic reenactments combine in a detailed evocation of the past, candid scenes of the film's construction break the narrative to skillfully question present-day representations of this history. In intimate interviews, ten Norwegian Jewish and gentile women share their experiences of deportation to concentration camps for their political activities.
Media Coll VCT 886. VIDEO

Tkuma: The First Fifty Years

1998. 316 min. (6 videocassettes). Israel Broadcasting Authority, distributed by Films for the Humanities & Sciences.
V.1 An historical documentary series on the first fifty years of the State of Israel. Contents: [v. 1.] The conflict -- [v. 2.] The ingathering -- [v. 3.] The people's army -- [v. 4.] Whose state? Whose religion? -- [v. 5.] From the orange to the chip: Israel's economic revolution -- [v. 6.] Future peace, next war.
Media Coll DS126.5 .T62 1998 VIDEO.

To Be a Woman Soldier

1987. 50 min. Ergo Media Coll Inc.
Drafted at 18, women serve two years in Israel's army. Orly, a Yemenite from the city and Abigail, from a Kibbutz, are in their last month of service. This enlightening documentary explodes the myth that the Israeli woman fights side by side in the trenches with her male counterpart. It effectively illustrates the realities of army service in Israel.
Media Coll PN1992.95 .T6 1987. VIDEO.

To Know Where They Are

1989. 29 min. ADL.
Documents the journey of a father and his daughter as they travel to Poland to find traces of their European family, with whom they lost contact before World War II. Once there, they meet two women who had helped their relatives during the Holocaust.
Media Coll D804.3 .T62 1989. VIDEO. On order as of 5/24/2001.

Towards Jerusalem (Ha-Derekh Le-Yerushalayim)

1990. 84 min. National Center for Jewish Film.
Travelling from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the filmmakers interview various Israelis and Arabs along the way, recording their diverse views, activities, and lifestyles. The subjects speak candidly about Arab-Jewish relations, immigration, the intifada, religion, and the economy.
On order as of 5/24/2001. HN 660 .A8 D4 1990. VIDEO.

Train of Life (Train de Vie)

1999. 89 min. Paramount Pictures.
The year is 1941, and a tiny Jewish community in France is faced with some shocking news: the Nazis are coming. But Shlomo, the not-so-foolish village idiot, has a plan - before the Germans can dispatch them to camps, the townspeople will "deport" themselves, to freedom.
On order as of 5/24/2001. VIDEO.

Truth and Consequence

1995. 18 min. New Dimension Media Coll , dist.
Documentary on the life of Ana Rosmus. Ana is a citizen of Passau Germany. This video depicts her struggle to force the citizens of her town and country to acknowledge the truth of Nazi war crimes.
Media Coll DS135.G5 T78 1995. VIDEO.

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