Judaic Studies: Films & Videos in the University of Arizona Library

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A Wall in Jerusalem

1989. 91 min. Hen's Tooth Video.
Focuses on the rise of Israel as a nation beginning with the Dreyfus Affair in 1894.
Media Coll DS126.5 .W34 1989. VIDEO.

The Wannsee Conference

1984. 90 min. Films Incorporated.
Depicts the conference at Wannsee in Berlin January 2, 1942, attended by Nazi leaders to determine the fate of the Jewish people.
Media Coll D810 .J4 W36 1986. VIDEO.

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising: An Audio-visual Program from the Exhibition at Ghetto Fighter's House

1993. 22 min. Ergo Media Coll .
Beginning with the Nazi invasion of Poland, we are led step-by-step through the deportations, life in the ghetto, the formation of a resistance organization and finally the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Utilizes archival film footage, authentic still photographs, and actual testimony of survivors.
Media Coll D765.2.W3 W28 1993. VIDEO.

Weapons of the Spirit

1989. 90 min. Friends of Le Chambon Foundation.
As a Jew born in Le Chambon-sur-Lignon during World War II, filmmaker Pierre Sauvage relates the story of how the village successfully shielded 5,000 Jews from the Nazis. The documentary is followed by an interview with Sauvage, conducted by Bill Moyers.
Media Coll D804.6 .W42 1989. VIDEO.

The Women Next Door

1992. 80 min. Filmmakers Collaborative (distributed by Women Make Movies)
This documentary about women in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict explores the roles that the Occupation has designated for women on both sides and the questions it raises. To find answers, an Israeli director sets off on a journey through Israel and the Occupied Territories with two other women -- a Palestinian assistant director and an Israeli cinematographer.
Media Coll HQ1781.P2 W65 1992. VIDEO.

Women of the Wall

1999. 31 min. Women Make Movies.
News items in the Israeli media note the stages of the Jewish women's struggle with Orthodox Jewish tradition for the right to pray at the Wall.
Media Coll BM667 .W6 W66 1999. VIDEO.

Women Serving Religion

1995. 29 min. Films for the Humanities & Sciences.
This program traces women's roles in religious tradition and what it means to be a woman in the three great religions today. It also explores the cultural influences of feminism upon religious traditions and the beliefs regarding the ordination of women.
Media Coll BL458 .W655 1995. VIDEO.

Women's Peace in the Middle East

1991. 27 min. Shuli Eshel Productions.
Shows Israeli and Palestinian women peace activists in meetings and marches in an attempt to get peace talks started between the Arabs and Israelis.
Media Coll DS119.7 .W65 1991. VIDEO.

World War II: The Propaganda Battle

1984. 58 min. PBS Video.
Bill Moyers interviews two filmmakers in the first large-scale propaganda battle in history--German filmmaker Fritz Hippler and his American counterpart, Frank Capra.
Media Coll D810.P6 W25 1984. VIDEO.

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