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Mexican American Studies: Documentaries

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I am Joaquin.

[S.l.]: El Teatro Campesino, released by George Ballis Associates, 1970.
A dramatization of the Chicano poem of the same title by Corky Gonzales about the Mexican-American experience from Cortes to the current farm workers' struggle, emphasizing the problems of suppressed Mexicans. Narrated by Luis Valdez. (20 min.) Media Film B-10,890

Images of Mexican Los Angeles: A Social and Cultural History, 1781-1990's

Madera, CA: Madera Cinevideo, ©1991.
"Views of the social and cultural history of the Mexican community of Los Angeles 1781-1990s." (28 min.) Media F870.M5 I52 1991

In necuepaliztli in Aztlan (Retorno a Aztlán) (Return to Aztlan)

México, D.F.: Volcán Producciones, 1992?
In hopes of ending a drought a group of Mexicas gather an offering for the goddess Coatlicue and make the treacherous journey back to Aztlan, the land of their forefathers. In Aztec with English subtitles. (1 hr., 33 min.) Media PN1997 .I5 1992

In the Shadow of the Law

Berkeley, CA: University of California, Extension Media Center, 1991?
Shows the poor economic and social conditions under which illegal Mexican immigrants exist, in addition to their continual anxiety over possible discovery and deportation. Also shows the typical difficulties encountered in attempting to achieve legal resident status under the provisions of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. (58 min.) Media KF4704 .I5 1991

Inframundo: entrevista con Juan Rulfo

Hanover, NH: Ediciones del Norte, ©1983.
Mexican author Juan Rulfo is interviewed by Silvia Fuentes and reads from several of his works. (59 min.) Media PQ7297.R89 Z47 1983.

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