Mexican American Studies: Documentaries

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Natives: Immigrant Bashing on the Border

New York: Filmaker's Library, 1991.
Documentary on the xenophobia of some Americans living in California along the U.S.-Mexican border. Reacting to the influx of undocumented aliens, who they believe are draining community resources and committing crimes, they are forming nativist organizations in an attempt to keep potential immigrants out. (28 min.) Media HT1521 .N37 1991

Neighbors: The U.S. and Mexico

Los Angeles: Cinema Guild, 1985.
Presents the economic crisis in Mexico, its effects on the U.S. economy -- the banks, the automobile industry and immigration. (ca. 60 min.) Media HC133 .N44 1985

The New Tijuana

San Diego, CA: KPBS, ©1990.
A brief history shows the development of Tijuana, Mexico, from a very small village to a modern city of more than 2,000,000 population; emphasizes the relatively recent social, economic and political changes. Note Some interviewee responses in Spanish with English subtitles. (57 min., 50 sec.) Media F1391.T5 N48 1990

New World Border

Berkeley, CA: Peek Media, 2001.
Documents the rise in human rights abuses along the U.S./Mexico border since the implementation of border blockades (Operation Gatekeeper), which have been erected in populated areas throughout the border region during the last decade. Includes interviews with immigrant rights organizers, testimony from immigrants, analysis of "free trade" policies and current efforts to build a vibrant movement for immigrant rights. In English and Spanish with English subtitles. (28 min.) Media JV6483 .N4 2001

North American Free Trade: Who's Gonna Pay?

Minneapolis, MN: Produced by Labor Education Service, University of Minnesota, ©1992.
Examines problems with free trade agreements with United States, Canada, and Mexico as they pertain to worker's rights, jobs, the environment and the economy. (29:50 min.) Media HF1766 .N677 1992.

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