Mexican American Studies: Documentaries

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Los Tejedores

Santa Fe, NM: Blue Sky Productions: Onewest Media [distributor] ©1979.
Presents traditional weaving methods of Hispanic New Mexico and shows examples of Spanish weaving from the 18th and 19th centuries. (28 min.) Media TT848 .T44 1979

Tinwork of Northern New Mexico

Santa Fe, NM: OneWest Media, 1986?
The almost lost craft of tinwork is demonstrated by a northern New Mexico couple. (14 min.) Media NK8425 .T55 1986

Tremors in Guzman

Berkeley, CA: University of California Extension Media Center, ©1988.
A documentary which takes the viewer out on the streets of Ciudad Guzman, a small agricultural city south of Guadalajara, to learn what everyday Mexicans think about the state of their country, its economy, and its political leaders. Shows that many of the same problems fueling revolt elsewhere in Central America--corrupt government officials, uncontrolled inflation, economic hardship, and high unemployment--also exist in Mexico. (30 min.) Media HC135 .T73 1988

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