Mexican American Studies: Documentaries

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Yo Soy Chicano

Los Angeles: KCET, 1972.
Portrays the Chicano experience, from its roots in pre-Columbian history to the present, by dramatically recreating key events in Mexican history and by presenting interviews with Chicano leaders, Dolores Huerta, Reies Lopez Tijerina, Rodolfo Gonzalez, and Jose Angel Gutierrez, who discuss solutions to the oppression of Chicanos. (59 min.) Media Film D-11,022

Yuma Crossing

Yuma, AZ: Yuma Crossing Foundation, ©1989.
Traces the rich historical and cultural significance of the river crossing at the confluence of the Colorado and Gila rivers in southwestern Arizona, first settled by the Quechan people more than 1000 years ago. (30 min.) Media E99.Y94 Y85 1989

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