Mexican American Studies: Feature Films

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Bajo el Cielo de Mexico

Madera, CA: Madera CineVideo, 1955.
Popular music of Mexico; sung by Miguel Aceves Mejía, Marga Lopez, La Prieta Linda, Jaime Fernandez, Carlos Baledon. (90 min.) Media PN1995.9.P5 B2 1955

The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez

Santa Monica, CA: Metro Goldwyn Mayer Home Entertainment, 2000, c1982.
Feature film. On June 12, 1901, Gregorio Cortez, a young Mexican family man, shoots and kills a sheriff in self-defense. For the next 11 days, he eludes an inflamed posse of 600 Texas Rangers in a 450 mile chase across Texas. His manhunt captures the nation's interest and his eventual trial is tainted by the extreme emotions of the country. Based on the book With His Pistol in His Hand by Américo Paredes. Starring Edward James Olmos, James Gammon, Tom Bower, Bruce McGill. (106 min.) Media PN1997 .B3436 2000

La Bamba

Burbank, CA: RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video, c1998.
Feature film by Luis Valdez. The man, the myth, and the music that brought America to its feet and catapulted 17 year-old Ritchie Valens to rock 'n' roll stardom live again. Starring Lou Diamond Phillips, Esai Morales, Rosana De Soto, Elizabeth Pena, Joe Pantoliano. (108 min.) Media PN1997 .B253 1998

El Bruto (The Brute)

Los Angeles: Media Home Entertainment, 1987, c1952.
Feature film by Luis Buñuel. The surrealistically rendered story of a slow-witted but strong slaughterhouse worker who is hired by a slumlord to break a tenant strike, in the course of which he accidentally kills one of the strike leaders. He is then drawn into a doomed affair with the landlord's sluttish wife. Starring Pedro Armendariz, Katy Jurado, Beatriz Ramos, Paco Martinez, Gloria Mestre, Andrés Soler, Roberto Meyer, Rosita Arenas, et al. Spanish dialogue with English subtitles. (81 min.) Media PN1997 .B78 1987

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