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Mexican American Studies: Feature Films

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El Caballo Bayo

Northridge, CA: Released by Laguna Films, c1997.
Nacieron para odiarse, pero, se amaron al conocerce. Obsesionados por su ambicion estaban en las garras de la venganza y la pasion. Directed by Rene Cardona, starring Antonio Aguilar, Maricruz Olivier, Jaime Fernandez, Alejandro Reyna, Victor Manuel Mendoza, Enrique Lucero, Victor Everg. (ca. 91 min.) Media PN1997.5 .C32 1997

Una Carta de Amor

California: Laguna Films: Madera Cinevideo (distributor), 2000.
Una historia de amor entre un prófugo de la justicia y una dama que nace accidentalmente en un lugar de México. Esta historia evoca a este país que sufre y canta. Produced and directed by Miguel Zacarías. Starring Jorge Negrete, Gloria Marín, Andrés Soler, Emma Roldán. Media PN1997 .C3772 2000

Cartas Marcadas

Van Nuys, CA: Laguna Films, 1999.
Feature film starring Pedro Infante, Marga Lopez, Rene Cardona, Alejandro Ciangherotti. In Spanish. Media PN1997.5 C37 1999

El Centauro Pancho Villa

Los Angeles: Mexcinema Video Corp., c1986.
Feature Film. Romantic portrayal of the Mexican revolutionist Pancho Villa, who was nicknamed "El Centauro del Norte". Starring Lucha Villa, Joaquin Cordero, José Elias Moreno. (90 min.) Media PN1997.5 .C46 1986

Como Agua para Chocolate (Like Water for Chocolate)

Burbank, CA: Buena Vista Home Video (distributor), 1994, c1992.
Feature Film by Alfonso Arau. Romantic fantasy set in the early 20th century about a young couple blocked from marrying by the demands of her cold and selfish mother. To be near his love the young man marries her sister, and she expresses her passion for him through her cooking. In Spanish with English subtitles. Based on the novel by Laura Esquivel. Starring Marco Leonardi, Lumi Cavazos, Regina Torne. (105 min.) Media PQ7298.15.S638 C66 1994

Como Mexico No Hay Dos

Northridge, CA: Laguna Films, 1994, 196-?.
Feature Film. Valente Fierro is hungry for success, stardom, and wealth. With the help of his friends, Valente finds himself in the big city, leaving his pregnant wife and child behind in the small town where he grew up, and sings himself to fame with a sultry voice that seduces many women, from his manager's wife to numerous high-society beauties, that make him forget about his beloved wife. Starring Vicente Fernandez, Hector Suarez, Blanca Guerra, Roberto "Flaco" Guzman, Amparo Muñoz, Maribel Guardia, Carlos Lopez Moctezuma. (ca. 92 min.) Media PN1997.5 .C65 2000

El Compadre Mendoza

[Mexico]: Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes: Diana Films, c1933.
Feature Film. Mendoza, a landowner, tries to maintain friendships with both the leader of the government forces and the general of the Zapatista rebels. In Spanish with English subtitles. Based on an original story by Mauricio Magdaleno and Juan Bustillo Oro. Starring Alfredo del Diestro, Carmen Guerrero, Antonio R. Frausto. (82 min.) Media PN1997 .C665 1933

Cortéz: Dateline Yesterday

Princeton, NJ: Films for the Humanities & Sciences, c1993.
"A dramatized portrait of the redoubtable conquistador, who instigated the collision of two highly sophisticated and very different cultures when his tiny army clashed with the forces of Montezuma. The resulting holocaust gave rise to the birth of modern Mexico." (30 cm.) Media F1230 .H485 1993

Cuando Lloran los Valientes

Hollywood, CA: Mexcinema Video; Madera, CA: Madera Cinevideo [distributor], c1989.
La historia de un campesino mexicano lleno de vida y audacia, que enfrenta la muerte sacrificando su amor en aras de la gratitud a su padrino. Una gran película de cine mexicano. Pedro Infante, Blanca Estela Pavón, Victor Manuel Mendoza, Virginia Serrat, Armando Soto Lamarina, Joaquin Roche, Eduardo Casado. Feature film by Ismael Rodriguez. (90 min.) Media PN1997.5 .C82 1989

Cuando Quiere un Mexicano: La Gauchita y el Charro

Northridge, CA: Laguna Films, 1999, c1944.
A rich young woman, bored of the fake society that surrounds her, flees her parents home. But the light airplane she left on crashes. Right next to the crash area lives a Mexican man who hates women. After meeting, the man ends up falling in love with her. In Spanish. Videocassette release of the 1944 film directed by Juan Bustillo Oro, and starring Jorge Negrete, Amanda Ledesma, Enrique Herrera, Berta Lehar. (ca. 84 min.) Media PN1993.5.M4 C92 1999

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