Mexican American Studies: Feature Films

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A Day without a Mexican: A Mockumentary

CA: AraU-AriZmendi, c1997.
Presented in documentary fashion, this videotape shows what would happen, what adverse effects there would be, etc. if all Mexican Americans and Mexicans in the United States were to be gotten rid of in some way, shape or form. (30 min., 24 sec.) Media PN1997.5 .D39 1997

Death in the Garden (see La Mort en Ce Jardin ) La Devoradora

Northridge, CA: Laguna Films, 1999.
Feature film by Fernando de Fuentes. Starring Maria Felix, Luis Aldas, Julio Villarreal, Felipe de Alba, Arturo Soto Rangel, Conchita Gentil Arcos, Salvador Quiroz, Manuel Arbide, Manuel Trejo. In Spanish. (90 min.) Media PN1997.5 .D4 1999


New York: Cinema Guild, 1988.
Presents a dramatization which portrays the problem of domestic violence in the Latino community. Spanish with English subtitles. (51 min.) Media HQ809.3.U5 D6 1988

Dos Gallos y Dos Gallinas

Madera, CA: Aztec Cinevideo, c1984.
Mexico's outdoor beauty is a backdrop for this romantic musical. Director, Emilio Gómez. Starring Muriel Miguel Aceves Mejía, Marco Antonio Muñiz, María Duval, Rosina Navarro. (94 min.) Media PN1997.5 .D67 1984

Duelo en El Dorado (Duel in El Dorado)

Madera, CA: Madera CineVideo, c1986.
A violent encounter between two men for the possession of a child, one his adopted father, an Indian who gave him love and care; the other, the real father, a gunman who abandoned him at birth and now wants him back at any price. Director: René Cardona. Luis Aquilar, Lola Bertrán, Emilio Fernández, German Valdez. In Spanish. (90 min.) Media PN1995.9.P5 D8 1986.

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