Mexican American Studies: Feature Films

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El Gallo de Oro

Madera, CA: Madera Cinevideo, c1984.
Cockfights and mariachi music form the backdrop for the traditional rivalry between villain and hero. Director, Roberto Gavaldon; argumento, Juan Rulfo; adaptación, Carlos Fuentes, Gabriel García Marquez, Robert Gavaldon. Starring Ignacio López Tarso, Lucha Villa, Narciso Busquets. (105 min.) Media PN1997.5 .G342 1984

El Gallo Giro

Madera, CA: Madera CineVideo [distributor], c1990.
Las mas bellas canciones sirven de marco a la historia de un "gallero" enamorado y peleonero como no hay dos. Directed by Alberto Gout and starring Luis Aguilar. (90 min.) Media PN1997.5 .G34 1990

Gavilán Pollero

Northridge, CA: Laguna Films, 2000, c1993. In this Mexican musical drama, José Inocencia (el gavilán pollero) and Luis are a pair of wandering and irresponsible cowboys who suffers through various misadventures on a trip to the capital and back, including getting drunk, getting shot, landing in jail and escaping from the clutches of predatory females who would trap them into a sedentary a and directed by by Rogelio A. Gonzalez. (102 min.) Media PN1997.5 .G365 2000

The Gringo in Mañanaland: A Musical

Willow NY: Halleck, 1995.
A montage of U.S.-produced films about Latin America, from silent films through 1995 television news, including corporate videos, around the themes of U.S. discovery of a tropical paradise with friendly native women, of money to be made, of local bandits and the need for U.S. troops. (61 min.) Media PN1995.9.L37 G74 1995

Grounds: Inhale the Scent of History

San Francisco, CA: Canspeak Pictures, 2000.
During the Mexican Revolution, a widow buried a coffee can filled with family treasures and crossed into the United States. The can was never found and became a lost ancestral time capsule. More than eighty years later, the woman's great-granddaughter uses her own story of moving to San Francisco to explore the scent of history and the organic texture of migratory memory. (11 min.) Media PN1997.5 .G76 2000.

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