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Mexican American Studies: Feature Films

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Reed, Mexico Insurgenté

Los Angeles: Meridian Video: Connoisseur Video Collection: Mirada, 1995, c1973.
A dramatization of John Reed's accounts of the Mexican Revolution; the young journalist's adventures with Pancho Villa's army in 1913-1914 are depicted. Spanish dialogue, English subtitles. (104 min.) Media PN1997 .R436 1995

Republic of sin (see Fever Mounts in El Pao ) Return to Aztlan (see In Necuepaliztli in Aztlan ) Revolver Sangriento

CA: Laguna Films; Madera, CA; Dist. by Madera CineVideo, c1999.
Cuando se nace con alma de pistolero no se piensa más que en matar. El fiel compañero para esto es un Revolver. In Spanish. Directed by Miguel M. Delgado, starring Luis Aguilar, Antonio Aguilar, Flor Silvestre, Lola Beltran. (90 min.) Media PN1997 .R4 1999

Rogaciano, el Huapanguero

Northridge, CA: Laguna Films, c1999.
Director, Rene Cordona. Starring Miguel Aceves Mejia, Lola Beltran, Rosita Arenas, Raul Ramirez, Arturo Castro (Mantequilla). (100 min.) Media PN1997 .R649 1999

Rosa Blanca

[S.l.]: Condor Video, 1987, c1960.
Feature film by Roberto Gavaldón, based on the controversial novel by B. Traven. The White Rose exposes the most flagrant evils of capitalism, foiled by a peasant's reverence for the land he lives on. Starring Ignacio López Tarso, Christiane Martel, Reinhold Olszowski, Rita Macedo. In Spanish with English subtitles and English with Spanish subtitles. (ca. 100 min.) Media PN1997 .R676 1987

Romelia's Secret (see El Secreto de Romelia )

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