Slavic & East European Documentaries

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After the Velvet Revolution

By Weidlinger . In English. Documentary. — A first-hand look at the reality of what happened to the people of the former Czechoslovakia in the first three years of democracy. Follows the experiences of five different families and individuals. — DB2228.7 .A48 — VIDEO

Against the Current; the Wood Goblin

By Delov. In Russian with subtitles. Documentary. — Against the Current: A film about ecological crime. Despite being labeled extremists, the residents of Kirishi protest a major synthetic protein plant. (27 min.) 1988.--Wood goblin: For 15 years he has lived alone in the woods in a house he built himself. He commanded a tank company during World War II, and later was a local Communist Party chief. But he was fired from his position after a smear campaign. So he "joined the party of the green world," which he now defends against woodcutters. (19 min.) 1987. — DK246 .D53 no.1. — VIDEO

Alexander Pushkin

By Petrovsky. In English. Documentary. — Biography of Alexander Pushkin (1790-1837) filmed where the Russian poet and author lived and worked. — PG3350.A4 A44 — VIDEO

Amateur Photographer

[Fotoliubitel'/Photoamateur] by Roshal. Silent with intertitles. Documentary — Based on his wartime diary and photo album, this documentary, recounts Gerhard M.'s experiences with his unit, which was engaged in "retaliatory measures in captured areas." Gerhard M.'s job was to resettle Jews, execute partisans, and seize valuables for the Reich. After the war, his diary and photo album were discovered by the East German Communist authorities which led to Gerhard M.'s conviction of war crimes by a Soviet court and his execution by firing squad in 1952. — D764 .P495 2004 — DVD-R

Anatomy of a Coup: The Kremlin

By Horrocks. In English. Documentary. — Eyewitness accounts to the break-up of the Soviet Union. — DK288 .A527 — VIDEO

And the past Seems but a Dream; Theater Square

By Miroshnichenko. In Russian with subtitles. Documentary. — And the past seems but a dream: In 1938 a group of children wrote an idealistic book called 'We are from Igarka.' The director planned to film their rouching reunion 50 years later. But another childhood was revealed: " ... a time that was much more painful than the worst nightmare." (67 min.)--Theater square: On June 1, 1988, a hunger strike was organized in Yerevan's historic Theater Square over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region, populated mainly by Armenians, but located in Azerbaijan. The film portrays this event without commentary or interviews. (26 min.) 1988 — DK246 .D53 no.6 — VIDEO

Anna Akhmatova's File

[Lichnoe delo Anny Akhmatovoi ], by Aranovich. In Russian with subtitles. Documentary. — This Documentary — about Akhmatova and the historical context in which she wrote includes rare film footage and photographs. — PG3476.A324 Z745 — VIDEO

Anton Chekhov: A Writer's Life.

By Mantell. In English. Documentary. — Uses photographs, contemporary footage, and excerpts from his own writings to present a portrait of the Russian dramatist and short story writer Anton Chekhov. Includes scenes from his plays and stories performed by artists from the Moscow Art Theatre and the Mosfilm Studios. — PG3458 .A7 — VIDEO

Anton Chekhov's the Seagull

In English. Documentary — Examines Chekhov's play in its literary and historical context, and demonstrates its continuing significance. Includes scenes from the play performed by Russian and American actors and analyzed by Albee. — PG3455.C52 A58 — DVD

An Appeal to the Jews of the World

In Russian with subtitles. Documentary — This Soviet newsreel from Aug. 30, 1941 shows the participants in a radio broadcast in which leading Russian Jewish intellectuals and artists spoke to Jews, exhorting them to support the Soviet Union in its fight against fascism. This meeting of Jewish leaders and the broadcast led to the formation of the Jewish Antifascist Committee in 1942.—DS135.R9 A66 1988— VIDEO

Are We Winning, Mommy?: America and the Cold War

By Margolis. In English. Documentary. — A collection of film clips demonstrating how the media have controlled American anti-communist feeling. — PN1992.6 .A73 — VIDEO

Are You Going to the Ball? Tomorrow Is a Holiday

By Bukovsky. In Russian with subtitles. Documentary. — Are you going to the ball?: An unprecedented look at the Soviet Union's women's gymnastic team. Olga Korbut is featured. (28 min.) 1987.--Tomorrow is a holiday: Women workers stuff live chickens into metal containers. There is not much difference between the executioners and the victims. (18 min.) 1987. — DK246 .D53 no.12 — VIDEO


In Russian with subtitles. Documentary —A documentary film on German crimes at Auschwitz, a concentration camp in Poland.—D805.5.A96 A96 1990— VIDEO

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