Slavic & East European Documentaries

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Calling the Ghosts

By Jelincic. In BCS with subtitles. Documentary. — Women survivors of Omarska Detention Camp describe the camp and the situation in Bosnia and Herzagovnia. Their release and recovery process are also described. — DR1775 .O52 — VIDEO

Capitalism and Communism - A Comparison

By Smith. In English. Documentary. — Compares communism at work in a town in Yugoslavia and capitalism in a comparable town in the United States, and discusses the strengths and weaknesses of each economic system. Taken from the points of view of practitioners of each system. — D-11,231 — 16MM

Casting: A South-east Europe Transition

By Radovanovic. In BCS with subtitles. Documentary. — Two years after the initial optimism of 2000, the economic realities of a Serbia in transition have driven many people to flesh-trade jobs which run the gamut from sexy advertisements to pornography and prostitution. — PN1997 .C3538 — VIDEO


By Mikhalkov. In Russian / French with subtitles. Documentary. — PG3458 .C43 — VIDEO

Chekhov and the Moscow Art Theatre

By Zavadskii. In Russian with subtitles. Documentary. — Presents a brief history of the Moscow Art Theatre with photographs and scenes from the Cherry Orchard, directed by Yuri Zavadski. — PG3458.Z8 C475 — VIDEO

Chernobyl: Chronicle of Difficult Weeks; the Bam Zone: Permanent Residents

By Shevchenko. In Russian with subtitles. Documentary. — Chernobyl: This film crew was the first in the disaster zone following the meltdown of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986. They shot continuously for more than three months. Portions of the film are exposed with white blotches--a radiation leakage. (53 min.) 1986.--The bam zone: The Baikal-Amur Mainline Railroad in Siberia is called the longest monument to the stagnation of the Brezhnev years. Behind the marches and songs praising the project, equipment was breaking down, lives were broken and souls became calloused. (18 min.) 1987. — DK246 .D53 no.4 — VIDEO

Chernobyl Heart

By De Leo. In English & Belorusian with subtitles. Documentary — The Chernobyl disaster began on April 26, 1986--and continues even now, given its profound effect on the region. With the debate over alternative energy sources as contentious as ever, this Academy Award-winning program offers a wealth of issues to consider; its reexamination of what happened at the Ukranian reactor and its investigation into the dark side of nuclear power parallel the questions many Americans have regarding the storage of radioactive material and the overall safety of the nuclear industry. The video also highlights international medical programs created to battle the insidious residual effects of the Chernobyl tragedy. — RA569 .C4733 2005 — DVD

Cherry Orchard. Part 1: Chekhov - Innovator of Modern Drama

In English. Feature Film — Analyzes Chekov's unprecedented use of characterization and plot to show why he became known as the innovator of modern drama. Examines the meanings of sound effects and discusses Chekov's attitude toward life. — D-5850 — 16MM

Cherry Orchard. Part 2: Comedy or Tragedy?

In English. Documentary. — Discusses why one of the greatest directors of drama could view the cherry orchard as a tragedy, while the author labeled it a comedy. Shows how Chekhov dramatizes interior action and points out what is meant by the subtext of Chekhov's plays. — D-5851 — 16MM

Children Kosovo 2000

By Moldovanyi. In Albanian / BCS with subtitles. Documentary. — "A Documentary — on orphans in Kosovo, shot in black and white which depicts the despair of Serb and Albanian children. Now and then appear a few cuts in colour, shot by the kids themselves with a small Super-8 camera. It is an extremely moving document on those lonely children, left to themselves after their parents' death." — DR317 .C55 — DVD

Children of Chernobyl

In Russian with subtitles. Documentary. — (Producer) This film reveals for the first time the true depth of the tragedy at Chernobyl through exclusive archival film, eyewitnesses, and families now living in the aftermath. It is a story of deception and cover-up on a grand scale. The true legacy of the disaster can be seen on the children's wards of hospitals. Total hair loss is one of the more visible signs. Sadly for children, the number of diagnoses of cancer is growing at an alarming rate. In some areas more than half the population has fallen ill. We learn that thousands of men from all over the Soviet Union were dragged from the streets and drafted to help the clean-up operation. It is believed that half of these men have died. Ordinary people were misled and their lives placed in danger through lack of information, while officials in high positions quickly evacuated their own families. — TK1362.S65 C545 — VIDEO

The Children of Theatre Street

In English. Documentary. — This is the story of the Vaganova Choreographic Institute in the Soviet Union, originally the Imperial Ballet School of Russia, as told through the lives of several of its students. An in-depth look is taken at the entrance procedures, the lifestyle and training of the student upon acceptance and the future of the student upon graduation. — GV1788.6.L46 C54 — VIDEO

Children Underground

By Belzberg. In Romanian with subtitles. Documentary. — Documents a year in the lives of five homeless Romanian children, homeless in part as the result of the policies of deposed Communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu, who make their home in a subway station in Bucharest. — HV4493 .C44 — VIDEO

The Church

[Khram], by Diakonov. In Russian with subtitles. Documentary. — Focuses on the 1000th anniversary of Christianity in Russia. — DK246 .D53 no.2. — VIDEO

Citizen Vaclav Havel Goes on Vacation

[Obcan Václav Havel jede na dovolenou]. In Czech with English narration. Documentary. — Recreation of a 1985 trip that Vaclav Havel, then a prominent dissident, took around Czechoslovakia. Havel was tailed by the police throughout his trip and twice jailed as he, his friends, former policemen and others recall in interviews. — DB215.6 .O23 2006 — DVD

Cold War

In English. Documentary. — A series documenting the rise and fall of the Cold War, the actions of world leaders, and the wars and arms races occurring during this time. — E183.8.S65 C65 — VIDEO


In English. Documentary. — An examination of the rise and fall of communism, from the Russian Revolution of 1917 to the demise of Soviet communism in 1991, and the world's second communist giant, Mao's China. — HX40 .C71 1996— VIDEO

Communism in the Us

In English. Documentary. — [Not listed in Online Catalog] — D-5430 — 16MM

Communism: The Promise and the Reality

In English. Documentary. — [v. 1.] Red flag : Communism in Russia [1917-36] -- [v. 2.] Fallout : nuclear energy and destruction [1942-87] -- [v. 3.] Brave new world : the Cold War begins [1945-62] -- [v. 4.] Great leap : Communism in China [1949-77] -- [v. 5.] Guerrilla wars : Cuba, Vietnam and Afghanistan [1954-81] -- [v. 6.] People power : the end of Soviet-style Communism [1980-93]— HX40 .C71 1997 — VIDEO

Comrades (tovarishchi)

In English. Documentary. — Soviet life and culture are presented through explorations of the lives of particular people in widely differing economic, geographic, and social situations. — DK287 .C66 — VIDEO

Conditioned Reflexes

In English. Documentary. — A review of some of the experiments of the Russian physiologist and Nobel prize winner, Ivan Pavlov. Explains animal behavior as a compound of instinct and conditioning, and illustrates some of Pavlov's experiments with conditioned reflexes. — B-1168 — 16MM


By Sokurov. In Russian with subtitles. Documentary. — Documentary — about the lonely and isolated lives of the captain and sailors stationed aboard a Russian battleship in the Barents Sea. — VA50 .C66 — DVD

Conversations with Gorbachev

By Reed. In English. Documentary. — Mikhail Gorbachev and Stephen Cohen discuss Gorbachev's rise to power in the Soviet system, developments under his leadership, the nature of his reforms, his role in ending the Cold War, his assessments of Boris Yeltsin's leadership, the breakup of the Soviet Union, and relations between the United States and Russia since 1991. — DK290.3.G67 C65 — VIDEO

Crisis at Munich

In English. Documentary. — Discusses the fearful days when Hitler was threatening war over the Sudetenland Germans, and describes the conference at Munich where Chamberlain and Daladier met Hitler and agreed not to support Czechoslovakia in resisting. — D-7052 — 16MM

Czechoslovakia, 1918-1968

By Sanders. In English. Documentary. — A quick, unnarrated history of Czechoslovakia from 1918 to 1968. — DB2186 .C94 1991 — VIDEO

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