Slavic & East European Documentaries

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The Early on Sunday; Tailor

In Russian with subtitles. Documentary. — Early on Sunday : On a Sunday morning in winter several old village women go to the forest to gather wood. Their unpretentious observations evoke bursts of laughter, feelings of compassion, and an immense respect for the dignity and patience of these women. (16 min.) 1988. The tailor : A sobering look at the spiritual void and disillusionment of the current generation of middle-aged adults. By the dawn of the Brezhnev years, they were aged before their time, having lost the opportunity for creative self-realization. (50 min.) 1988. — DK246 .D53 no.3. — VIDEO

East Germany Opens Its Borders

In English. Documentary. — DD261.4 .E27 — VIDEO

East Side Story

In German and Russian with subtitles. Documentary — "That's Entertainment," Communist style. A documentary of Soviet and Eastern bloc communist musical films. Comrades drive tractors, sweep factory floors, feed farm animals, harvest crops, all the while singing their hearts out about the joys of socialism. Included are interviews with people involved in the making of some of these movies, as well as a film historian and moviegoers. —PN1995.9.M86 E38 2000— DVD

Eastern Europe

By Talczewski. In English. Documentary. — Traces the history of Eastern Europe from the reign of Franz Josef to the fall of communism including the rise of Hitler and the World Wars. Shows how both Hitler's and Stalin's quests for power left this vulnerable area of the world permanently destabilized. — DJK38 .E28 — VIDEO

Eisenstein and Stalin

By Baba. In English. Documentary. — The struggle between Stalin and Eisenstein for freedom of expression in a climate of exiles and executions. — PN1998.3.E34 E28 — VIDEO

Electronic Curtain

[Het elektronische gordijn], by Grothenhuis. In German / Romanian with subtitles. Documentary. — Documentary — examines the replacement of the former Iron Curtain by a new, highly sophisticated invisible electronic curtain designed to curb illegal immigration from eastern to western Europe. While refugees from the Communist bloc had formerly been welcomed and generously helped, the western world is now less willing to accommodate eastern immigrants since the fall of communism, and the electronic curtain regulates this population flow. — JV8033 .E443 — VIDEO

End of Innocence: World War I, 1914-1920

In English. Documentary. — [Not in Online Catalog] — D-7539 — 16MM

Enthusiasm ; Kino Pravda

By Vertov. In Russian/Silent with subtitles. Documentary. — Enthusiasm is a Documentary — about industrial workers in the eastern Ukraine and their efforts to surpass the goals of the first Five Year Plan. Enthusiasm was also shown under the title Symphony of the Donbas. — PN1997.5 .K56 — VIDEO

Eternal Memory: Voices from the Great Terror

By Pultz. In English. Documentary. — Shows historical change before and after the Bolshevik revolution which resulted in the replacement of Russia's ancient autocracy by a communist state and the mass murder of intellectuals by the new communist government. — DK246 .E93 — VIDEO

Ethnic Cleansing in Bosnia: A Special Session of the 27th Annual Meeting of the Middle East Studies

In English. Documentary. — Discusses the situation in Bosnia. — DR1313.3 .E76 — VIDEO

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