Slavic & East European Documentaries

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Jazz Baby

By Homutova. In Russian with subtitles. Documentary. — "Jazz Baby is a Documentary — film about the vocal training of four Russian children from the town of Irkutsk in Siberia. The English these children sing will sound like a foreign language to an American. Nevertheless, they perform regionally and consequently travel often with their instructor" — HQ792.R9 J2 — DVD

John F. Kennedy: Challenges & Tragedy

In English. Documentary. — The second of two films on John F. Kennedy. Deals with some of the events he encountered while President, including the confrontation with the Soviet Union over the Cuban missile bases, the early involvement in Vietnam, the nuclear test ban treaty, the Moon exploration program, and equal rights legislation. — B-10,897 — 16MM

Joseph Brodsky: A Maddening Space

In English. Documentary. — A lifelong outsider, Joseph Brodsky was a disciple of Anna Akhmatova. The most apolitical poet of the period, he was perceived by the Communist government as subversive, imprisoned, confined to mental hospitals, and sentenced to forced labor. In 1972 he was allowed to emigrate to the U.S. on the condition that he never return. Over drinks with Derek Walcott, the Nobel laureate share memories and observations. — PG3479.O3 Z6 — VIDEO

Joseph Stalin

In English. Documentary. — Presents the life of Joseph Stalin, emphasizing his role as a ruthless dictator and showing the nature of communism. Producer and director, Jack Haley; writers, Al Ramrus, Jack Haley; narrator, Mike Wallace. — D-7293 — 16MM

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