Slavic & East European Documentaries

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Karl Marx and Marxism

In English. Documentary. — This program looks at Karl Marx, at the roots of his philosophy, at the causes and explanations of his philosophical development, and its most direct outcome: the failed Soviet Union. — HX39.5 .K37 — VIDEO

Katyn Forest Massacre

In English. Documentary —In 1943 the German Army discovered the mass graves of several thousand officers of the former Polish Army murdered on Stalin's orders and then buried in Katyn Forest near Smolensk. They accused the Soviets of having massacred them, and shot footage of the exhumation & investigation. The Soviet government denied the charges and asserted that the Polish war prisoners had been executed by invading German units. In 1944, having retaken the Katyn area, the Soviets exhumed the bodies again, and produced their own 'documentary' to defend this charge. This title is made up of footage from those films. —D804.R9 K38 1986— VIDEO

Key from Spain, the : The Songs and Stories of Flory Jagoda

By Petrovic. In Various with subtitles. Documentary. — Follow Flory Jagoda through her life from Bosnia in the to the United States. Hear her music and see photographs of her, her family, and friends throughout her life. Includes live footage of some of her concerts. — M1853.J34 K39 — VIDEO

The Kgb Computer and Me

By Bates. In English. Documentary. — Astronomer-turned computer scientist, Clifford Stoll traced a 75-cent error to an international computer espionage ring by using the scientific method. — UB271.R92 K42 — VIDEO

Khrushchev Era

In English. Documentary. — D-5431 [Not listed in the Catalog] — 16MM

Kino Pravda ; Enthusiasm

[Kino Pravda ], by Vertov. In Russian/Silent with subtitles. Documentary. — Enthusiasm is a Documentary — about industrial workers in the eastern Ukraine and their efforts to surpass the goals of the first Five Year Plan. Enthusiasm was also shown under the title Symphony of the Donbas. — PN1997.5 .K56 — VIDEO

Kino-eye ; Three Songs about Lenin

[Kino Glaz], by Vertov. In Russian/Silent with subtitles. Documentary. — Kino-eye: A collection of excerpts from newsreels and Documentary — films of Soviet life in the early 1920s made by Vertov and his "Kino-Eye" group. Highlighted are the activities of Soviet children and youth of the Young Pioneers and Young Leninists interwoven with cinematic experiments as when Vertov charts the evolution of hamburger and bread by following its trail back to the farms and wheat fields from whence it came. An honest Documentary — of a society fresh from revolution, buoyed by idealism. "The final reel no longer exists but has been approximated through the use of carefully selected outtake footage." — PN1995.9.D6 K5 — DVD


In Russian with subtitles. Documentary. — In Communist Russia many Russians, who were considered enemies of the Communist government, were sent to concentration camps in Siberia. Through starvation, disease, random executions, subfreezing temperatures, over two million Russian citizens lost their lives in Siberian concentration camps. "Kolyma" in existence for 40 years, was the worst of these camps. This award winning Documentary — is based on eye witness testimony including interviews with former prisoners who worked in the Kolyma River Region during the Stalinist era. Film includes archival records, surviving Documentary — footage and films of the remains of the "Kolyma" concentration camp. — D805.S65 K64 — VIDEO

Kosovo: Of Blood and History

In English. Documentary. — Using eyewitness accounts, maps, and footage of historic events, this program examines the history behind the long-standing conflict between Serbs and Kosovar Albanians. — DR2082 .K68 — VIDEO

Kremlin: Parts 1 & 2

In English. Documentary. — Presents an overview of and brief tour through the Kremlin in Moscow with General Audrey Yakovievitch Vedenin as guide. Discusses highlights in the history of Russia that are reflected in the construction of the Kremlin, from the days when the Russians were conquered by the Tartars to the present day. — D-10,702 — 16MM

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