Slavic & East European Documentaries

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Latcho Drom: Safe Journey

By Ray-Gavras. In Romany with subtitles. Documentary. — Presents, in Documentary — format, scenes and music from Gypsy cultures in India, Egypt, Turkey, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, France and Spain. — DX118 .L3 — VIDEO

Lenin Prepares for Revolution

In English. Documentary. — Examines the life of Lenin from 1870 to the outbreak of World War I, and studies the influence of Marxism on Russian revolutionaries. — B-10,062 — 16MM

Lenin Takes Over

In English. Documentary. — Relates the turmoil in Russia facing Lenin during his first months in power after his instrumental role in the overthrow of the Kerensky government. Discusses the lack of a trained civil service, the war being waged by the Kerensky adherents, the threat of Germany, and the workers' strikes. Examines the reasons for the consolidation of the Bolsheviks after the armistice with Germany. — D-5425 — 16MM

Leo Tolstoy

By Petrovsky. In English. Documentary. — PG3385 .L416 — VIDEO

Liebe Perla

[Liebe Perla], by Rozen. In German / Hebrew with subtitles. Documentary. — During the Nazi regime, Dr. Josef Mengele conducted "scientific" experiments on and shot "research" footage of a Jewish family of dwarfs. Fifty years later, Hannelore, a short-statured woman born in post-war Germany, set out on a quest to locate the films. During the process, she befriended the only surviving family member, Perla, an actress, now living in Israel. — PN1997.5 .L53 — VIDEO

The Limit ; Scenes at a Fountain

In Russian with subtitles. Documentary. — Scenes at a fountain: A powerful, 600-foot-high column of fire--the world's largest natural gas fire--burned for over a year on the shores of the Caspian Sea. The film dramatically documents the courageous firemen who risked their lives to cap the howling blaze. Limit: The horrible effects of drinking on human beings. Families are divided, homes are neglected, children are hungry. — DK246 .D53 no.5. — VIDEO

Lodz Ghetto

By Taverna. In English. Documentary. — A chronological account of life in the Lódz Ghetto through over 1,000 carefully sequenced filmed images, made at great risk and left deliberately by the doomed community members. Includes a supplement following the program describing the making of the film, as well as interviews with people connected with the ghetto (written, produced, directed, and narrated by Alan Adelson).— DS135.P62 L644135 1992 — VIDEO

Logging Siberia

In English. Documentary. — In August 1991, a small group of scientists and environmental lawyers from Oregon traveled to southern Siberia to share ideas about conserving resources through scientific research and grassroots environmental work. This tape shows some of the interactions of the exchange and describes some of the environmental concerns in the area around Baikal Lake, the largest freshwater lake in the world. — SD231 .L64 — VIDEO

Lost Wooden Synagogues of Eastern Europe

In English. Documentary. — This program documents the few remaining wooden synagogues in Lithuania and Latvia. The film tells the story of the synagogues, their art, architecture and the life that surrounded them before World War II and what has happened to them since. — PN1997.5 .L67 — VIDEO

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