Slavic & East European Documentaries

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Magia Russica

In Russian with subtitles. Documentary. — A film about the history of Russian animation. — NC1765 .M24 2004 — DVD


By Smit . In Russian with subtitles. Documentary. — A Documentary — about the fortunes of three generations living in the shadow of Russia's most breath-taking industrial project of the thirties. The bare steps of the Urals were transformed at breakneck speed into a blast-furnace complex, and a city was raised out of the ground - Magnitogorsk. With fragments of Joris Iven's 1932 film, Song of the Heroes, about the building up of the Soviet Union, he used Magnitogorsk to show how the new world and the new man were being forged — DK781.M3 S651 — VIDEO

Marc Chagall

In English. Documentary. — Examines the style and contents of Marc Chagall's paintings, and discusses his contribution to twentieth century art. — D-5769 — 16MM

Marc Chagall

By Evans. In English. Documentary. — This film portrait, made shortly before the death of Chagall in 1985, takes the viewer on a journey through time and place on the trail of this enigmatic artist. Eventually to become the grand old man of French painting, Chagall began life in a Jewish ghetto in Russia. He escaped the restrictions of his background and moved to Paris, where he rubbed shoulders with artists such as Matisse, Leger and Dufy. There he began to create the floating surrealistic style which has remained his hallmark. — ND699.C5 M3 1985 — VIDEO

Marina Tsvetayeva

By Bernard. In English. Documentary. — "This docudrama includes archival footage of the times and places that provided the backdrop of [Tsevtayeva's] life, readings in Russian and English of her poems, diaries and letters, dramatized scenes and interviews with key writers, biographers, and translators of her work" — PG3476.T75 Z676 — VIDEO

Marshal Blucher

[Marshal Blukher], by Eisner. In Russian with subtitles. Documentary. — One of a 12-part series representing the first Soviet documentaries released in the Glasnost era. This program tries to unlock the riddle of the Stalin era (1930s) in the Soviet Union through the biography of one hero. Marshal Vasily Blucher was one of the most courageous and compassionate Red Army commanders. Yet, in 1938 he was declared an "enemy of the people" and perished in Stalin's torture chambers. Archival footage illustrates the excesses of the Stalin era. — DK246 .D53 no.9. — VIDEO

Marxism and the Communist Manifesto

In English. Documentary. — A dramatic re-enactment showing the collaboration of Marx and Engels in the writing of the Communist Manifesto, the development of the political philosophy of Marxism, and the founding of the First Communist International. Discusses Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, later known as Lenin. — D-5420 — 16MM

Masterpieces from the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg

In English. Documentary. — N3344 .M37 — DVD

Master's House

In Russian / German with subtitles. Documentary. — A biographical look at the renowned Soviet director and filmmaker, Sergei Eisenstein, which reveals the intellectual, political and social currents running through his life and work. Structured as a series of chapters, or "houses", each portrays a particular time and place of his life. The film vividly recreates the Riga of his youth, the St. Petersburg of his teens, and the Moscow of his artistic coming of age, all captured through extensive rare Documentary — footage, photographs and films by other filmmakers and Eisenstein's own filmic creations. — PN1993.5.R9 M38 — VIDEO

Mayakovsky: The Poetry of Action

By Mantell. In English. Documentary. — Discusses the life, work, and significance of the Russian poet, Vladimir Mayakovsky, through his own words and a display of his paintings and drawings. — PG3476.M312 A4 1993 — VIDEO

A Memory of L. Moholy-nagy

By Halas. In English. Documentary. — Documents the life and influence of the Bahaus artist, László Moholy-Nagy. — N6490 .M46 — VIDEO

Messengers from Moscow

By Wolf. In English. Documentary. — Documentary — covering the history of the Soviet Union during the Cold War power struggle, beginning with the end of World War II and concluding with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. — DK266.45 .M47 — VIDEO

Military Aircraft Video Report, Vol. 3, No. 1

In English. Documentary. — The Stealth fighter debuts (F-117A) -- Soviet superfighters (MIG-29 and SU-27) -- Bite of the snake AH-1F Cobras) — UG1243 .M53 — VIDEO

Milos Forman

In English. Documentary. — PN1998.A3 F638 1990 — VIDEO

Moscow Elegy

By Sokurov. In Russian with subtitles. Feature Film — Using thematically representative scenes from Andrei Tarkovsky's films, Sokurov captures the great director's struggle between personal expression and state-supported suppression. Focuses on his absence and what he left behind. Funeral footage. — PN1998.3.T36 M88 2006 — DVD

My Country: Serbia 1999

[Moja domovina], by Radovanovic. In BCS with subtitles. Documentary. — A Documentary — showing a disturbing picture of Serbia, a country destroyed by war, autocracy, corruption, ethno-nationalism and widespread poverty. — DR1940 .M93 — DVD

My Second Life: East German Women in a Changed World.

In German with subtitles. Documentary. — Introduction and narration In English. ; interviews in German, with English subtitles. — HQ1630.5 .M9 — VIDEO

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