Slavic & East European Documentaries

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The October 1917 Revolution and After

In English. Documentary. — Chronological synopsis of Soviet history from the 1917 revolution to the present time.— DK266 .O27 1991 — VIDEO

Old Believers: Three Films by Jana Sevickova

By Sevickova. Documentary. — Chronicles the descendants of immigrants and exiles in these remote lands. The results are three poetic, intimate documentaries that capture the unique lives and customs of people unknown to most of the world. — BX601 .O42 2005— DVD

One Small Step

In English. Documentary. — Examines the history of space exploration up to July 1975, when the Soviet Soyuz and the American Apollo rendezvoused and docked in space. Also explores the future of space exploration. — D-12,299 — 16MM

Our Russian Front

By Nears. In English. Documentary. — A Documentary — utilizing rare and unique on-the-spot footage dealing with the Russian people's determination and preparation for war against the advancing German Army. — DK273 .O93 — VIDEO

The Overthrow of Social Democracy

In English. Documentary. — D-5424 [Not listed in Catalog] — 16MM

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