Slavic & East European Documentaries

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The Pasciaks of Chicago

In English. Documentary. — Documents the life of a blue-collar, Polish-Catholic family living in Chicago. Examines the conflicts that have arisen as a result of the six children's rebellion against ethnic and religious traditions and their parent's expectations. — D-11,387 — 16MM

People Power, 1989

In Polish / Czech with subtitles. Documentary. — In 1991, the Communist Party lost control of the Soviet Union, the culmination of a process that started in 1980 in the Polish shipyards when millions joined Lech Walesa's Solidarity movement which signaled the beginning of the end for Soviet-style communism. Here eyewitnesses tell the story of how the Communist system collapsed as they remember the extraordinary weeks that preceded and followed the fall of the Berlin Wall; Poland's fight for solidarity; Czechoslovakia's "Velvet Revolution;" the struggle for power in the Soviet Union and more. — HX44 .P46 — VIDEO

People's Gala Concert

By Aranovich. In Russian with subtitles. Documentary. — People's Gala Concert unrelentingly probes the forbidden subject of anti-Semitism during the final years of Stalin's bloody regime. — DS135.R9 P46 — VIDEO

Peoples of the Soviet Union

In English. Documentary. — A survey of the many different nationalities that make up the people of the U.S.S.R. — E-3750 — 16MM

Perestroika from Below

In English. Documentary. — About the social conditions of coal miners in the Donets Basin — DK288 .P4646 — VIDEO

Peter the Great

In English. Documentary. — This program offers a portrait of the contradictory Russian czar's life and historic impact. — DK131 .P37 1993 — VIDEO


In English. Documentary. — An analysis of conditions in contemporary Poland, with emphasis on the life of the Polish people. Includes rare Documentary — footage and animated sequences which record events in Polish history. — D-5059 — 16MM

Poland: Communism's New Look

In English. Documentary. — E-5412 [Not listed in Catalog] — 16MM

Post-wall Germany 1990

In English. Documentary. — American journalist Ron Williams explores East Germany through American eyes and presents an intimate portrait of the country and an analysis of the future role a united Germany can play in western society. — DD289 .P67 — VIDEO

Prague Spring

By Kovacs. In English. Documentary. — In 1968 Alexander Dubcek's attempt to liberalize Communist rule in Czechoslovakia and to creat "socialism with a human face" resulted in Soviet tanks in the streets of Prague. This program presents both the political detente behind Brezhnev's position and the dissent that was silenced within the Warsaw Pact alliance. — DB2232 .P73 1999 — VIDEO


In English. Documentary. — Documentary — study of the art and life of the Russian film director, showing distinctive features of his style by means of excerpts from his finest films and many facets of his public activities. Unique shot of Pudovkin rehearsing and acting in other films. — F-10,899 — 16MM

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