Slavic & East European Documentaries

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In English. Documentary. — Presents a dramatization of the dissident activities of Soviet physicist Andrei Sakharov. Reveals the extent of Russian repression and the great personal danger to which Sakharov and his activist comrades were exposed. — DK274 .S2765 — VIDEO

Salt for Svanetia: Turksib

By Kalatozov. In Russian/Silent with subtitles. Documentary. — Video release of the Documentary — films Turksib, released in the USSR in 1929 and Salt for Svanetia, released in the USSR in 1930. — PN1995.9.D6 T847 — VIDEO

Scenes at a Fountain ; the Limit

In Russian with subtitles. Documentary. — Scenes at a fountain: A powerful, 600-foot-high column of fire--the world's largest natural gas fire--burned for over a year on the shores of the Caspian Sea. The film dramatically documents the courageous firemen who risked their lives to cap the howling blaze. Limit: The horrible effects of drinking on human beings. Families are divided, homes are neglected, children are hungry. — DK246 .D53 no.5. — VIDEO

The Second Russian Revolution

In English. Documentary. — reel 1. Enter Gorbachev (45:19) -- reel 2. Battle for Glasnost (45:20) -- reel 3. Yeltsin file ( 45:12) -- reel 4. Revolution from below (45:15) -- reel 5. Breaking ranks (45:23) -- reel 6. End of the beginning (68:30) — DK288 .S43 — VIDEO

The Secret Life of Sergei Eisenstein

By Bertelli. In Italian with subtitles. Documentary. — Based on his private memoirs as well as on materials from archives around the world, this film is an intimate, inclusive portrait of a master of cinema and his body of work. It follows Eisenstein from his origins and early career in Russia, through his work and travels in the politically shifting climates of Europe, the United States, and Mexico, and back to the Soviet Union. It records his relationships and meetings with contemporaries ranging from Charlie Chaplin, Walt Disney and D.W. Griffith to Brecht, Joyce, Pirandello, Einstein, Cocteau, and his frequent collaborator, Prokofiev. — PN1998.3.E34 S43 — VIDEO

Sergei Eisenstein

In Russian with subtitles. Documentary. — A biography of Sergei Eisenstein. Uses drawings and sketches to portray Eisenstein's skill as an artist. Shows him at work with his pupils at the State School of Cinematography. Includes interviews with Sergei Prokofiev, Grigori Alexandrov, and Guiseppe de Santis, and presents extracts from his stage productions, major films, and the shooting of the film Bezhin meadow. — E-7478 — 16MM

The Shoah

By Lanzmann. In French with subtitles. Documentary. — Interviews with death-camp survivors and Nazi functionaries. Shows present-day view of some of the concentration camps.— D804.3 .S563 2003 — VIDEO


By Marzynski. In English. Documentary. — Tells the homecoming story of two elderly Polish-American Jews who return to their families' small village from which most of the Jews had been sent to Treblinka's gas chambers. Captures these pilgrims as they face old neighbors, some betrayers, some saviors. Interviews Polish Jews in America and Israel who were holocaust survivors or emigrated in the late 1930's. — DS135.P6 S47 — VIDEO

The Siege

By Bryan. In English. Documentary. — An historical account of the people of Poland in the 1939 Blitzkrieg by the Germans, the beginning of World War II. The footage was found in the wreckage of bombed buildings, and has been re-released. A grim reminder of what war is really like. — A-11,641 — 16MM

Solovky Power

[Vlast Solovetskaia], by Goldovskaia. In Russian with subtitles. Documentary. — This film takes us to the notorious Solovtski Labor Camps in the White Sea which remain a painful symbol of Stalin's cruel forced labor policies. The few remaining survivors recollect how they managed to preserve a vestige of hope and humanity throughout their grim experience. — DK40.R4 S65 — VIDEO

Solzhenitsyn: Cbs News Special

In English. Documentary. — Cronkite interviews Solzhenitsyn in Paris on June 17, 1974, shortly after he left the Soviet Union. Documents Solzhenitsyn's reaction to Soviet terror and suppression of his works, his plans for the future, and his initial thoughts about living in the West. — PG3488.O4 Z885 — VIDEO

Sonata for Viola: Dmitrii Shostakovich

[Altovaia sonata : Dmitrii Shostakovich] by Aranovich. In Russian with subtitles. Documentary —Documentary portrait of Dmitri Shostakovich.—ML410.S53 A48 2005— DVD

Soviet Challenge: Industrial Revolution in Russia

In English. Documentary. — D-4128 [Not listed in Catalog] — 16MM

Soviet Disunion: Ten Years Which Shook the World

By Oiron . In English. Documentary. — Through interviews with Gorbachev and Shevardnadze, as well as other official and private persons, and contemporary film records, this Documentary — presents the events since in the Soviet Union between 1985 and 1995. — DK286 .S68 1997 — VIDEO

Soviet Union 1918-1920: Civil War and Allied Intervention

In English. Documentary. — Discusses the causes and effects of allied intervention in the civil war between the anti-communist and communist forces in Russia toward the end of World War I. Shows the disintegration of the anti-communist forces as the communists defeat them to make all Russia communist. — B-10,045 — 16MM

Spiritual Voices

By Sokurov. In Russian with subtitles. Documentary. — Documentary — about the desolate and dangerous lives of the Russian soldiers stationed along Tajikistan-Afghanistan border. — UA772 .S6 2004 — DVD


By Lewis. In English. Documentary. — In three parts: Part 1, Revolutionary, covers Stalin's early years and rise to power ; part 2, Despot, the 30's and World War II ; part 3, Generalissimo, the end of the war, the postwar years, and the aftermath of his era for the people of the USSR. — DK267 .S63 1990 — VIDEO

Stalin and Russian History (1879-1927)

In English. Documentary. — Documentary — featuring extremely rare Russian photography dealing with the life and times of Joseph Stalin from his entry in an Orthodox seminary at the age of 11, to the power struggle between Stalin and Trotsky after the death of Lenin. — D-11,779 — 16MM

Stalin and Russian History (1923-1953)

In English. Documentary. — Documentary — on Stalin's role in Russian history upon seizing power from Trotsky and other opponents. Includes the Five Year Plan, purges of the 30's, World War II, conferences at Yalta, Tehran and Potsdam, and ends with Stalin's death. — D-11,780 — 16MM

Stalin Era, The. Part 2

In English. Documentary. — Uses newsreel footage to outline important pre-World War II events, including Stalin's efforts to build his personal image and the signing of a non-aggression pact by the German Reich and the Soviets. Discusses the German invasion of Russia, the subsequent joining of forces with the Allied Powers by the Soviets, and the far-sighted political maneuvering of Stalin at the Tehran, Yalta, and Potsdam Conferences. Examines Russia's continued buildup of strength and influence throughout the world. — D-5428 — 16MM

Stalin, Man of Steel

In English. Documentary — Stalin: Man of Steel is a multi-faceted portrait of the man who succeeded Lenin as the head of the Soviet Union. With a captivating blend of period documents, newly-released information, newsreel and archival footage and interviews with experts, the program examines his rise to power, deconstructs the cult of personality that helped him maintain an iron grip over his vast empire, and analyzes the policies he introduced, including the deadly expansion of the notorious gulags where he banished so many of his countrymen to certain death. — DK268.S8 S73 2004 — DVD

The Stanislavsky Century

By Hercombe. In English. Documentary. — Explores the life, times, and ideas of the theatrical innovator, Stanislavsky, who created method acting and founded the Moscow Art Theatre. Uses Documentary — footage, photographs, and dramatizations to show his memorable roles, his search for reality in character portrayal, and his staging of plays of Chekov, Ostrovski, Ibsen, Maeterlinch, Gorki, and Turgeniev. — PN2728.S78 S73 1993— VIDEO

Stanislavsky, Maker of the Modern Theatre

In English. Documentary. — Explores the life, times, and ideas of the theatrical innovator, Constantine Stanislavsky, who created method acting and founded the Moscow Art Theatre. Uses Documentary — footage, photographs, and dramatizations to show his memorable roles, his search for reality in character portrayal, and his staging of plays of Chekhov, Ostrovski, Ibsen, Maeterlinch, Gorki, and Turgeniev. — PN2728.S72 M36 — VIDEO

The Star's Caravan

In Kyrgyzstani and Russian with subtitles. Documentary. — Aging projectionist Zarylbeck has devoted years of his life to Kyrgyzstan's nomadic cinema, leading caravans of mules and horses carrying projectors, screens and film canisters to the wandering tribes. Now, as the town Naryn is preparing for the 1000th anniversary of Kyrgyzstan's national hero Manas, Zarylbeck and his young apprentice Murat face a society in transition. With dwindling state funds to bolster their film tours, Soviet propaganda films giving way to Hollywood B films, and communist ideologies yielding to revived Islamic beliefs, the projectionists face an uncertain future. Intercut with colorful scenes from the epic adventures of Manas, this impressionistic, creative documentary creates a vivid and lyrical picture of a land and a people coping with massive political, social and economic upheaval. — PN1993.5.K98 T35 2001 — DVD

State of Weightlessness

[Stan niewazkosci] by Drygas. In Polish with subtitles. Documentary — This documentary chronicles the Soviet space program. Cosmonauts answer questions about life in space and also divulge the dark side of the space program: enormous fears of death as they left and returned to earth and the rigorous medical and psychological experiments that left many maimed for life. — TL789.8.S65 S73 1994 — DVD-R

Stolen Years

By Young. In Russian with subtitles. Documentary. — Stolen years presents the first-person stories of 11 people who survived the Stalin labor camps. Men and women, poets and artists, soldiers and students, all relay experiences of arrest, interrogation, bulk shipment to the East, forced labor in the mining and lumber camps and finally on March 5, 1953, the word of Stalin's death. In addition to the eyewitness accounts, original footage of the camps is shown as well as contemporary art materials and extensive archival footage. — DK274 .S76 — VIDEO

The Story of Chaim Rumkowski and the Jews of Lodz

By Kuritzen. In Polish / German with subtitles. Documentary. — Shows the efforts of German-appointed leader Chaim Rumkowski to save the Jewish community during the Nazi occupation of Lodz, Poland, in World War II. Documents Rumkowski's establishment of an entire society, including schools, industries, and a postal system. Relates intimate details of life in the last surviving Jewish ghetto in Poland. — DS135 .P62 1983 — VIDEO

Strictly Propaganda

[Kinder, Kader, Kommandeure], by Kissel. In German with subtitles. Documentary. — Intended to remind Germans of their past, a series of East German propaganda clips have been put together to illustrate the intrusion of government propaganda into every aspect of life in the German Democratic Republic from its early beginnings until the collapse of the wall. — DD286.7.S76 K45 — VIDEO

The Stroll

[Progulka] by Uchitel'. In Russian with subtitles. Feature Film — A girl walks through Saint Petersburg in real time and encounters two young men. — PN1995.9.F67 P759 2003 — DVD

Summer Odyssey

In English. Documentary. — Presents photographs taken during a University of Arizona music study tour of Europe and Russia, focusing on museums, palaces, and music festivals. Includes scenes of people at work and play in ten different countries. — D-11,677 — 16MM

Super 8 Stories

By Kusturica. In Serbian with subtitles. Documentary. — Documentary about a kind of music that describes the manic, mad, dramatic world of the Balkans. The No Smoking band was founded 20 years ago in former Yugoslavia. No sooner had the band formed at the beginning of the 80s than they incited public displeasure on account of their disrespectful comments on Marshall Tito's demise. Like traveling nomads, they have succeeded in withstanding all manner of political tragedies ever since, without ever once asking anyone for their protection. — PN1997 .S877 2001 — DVD [PAL]

Suspino: A Cry for Roma

By Kovanic. In Romani with subtitles. Documentary. — Examines the persecution and discrimination inflicted upon the Roma, or Gypsies as they are pejoratively called. Focuses on Romania, where the Roma are considered public enemies; also focuses on Italy, where they are classified as nomads and forced to live in camps while being denied human rights available to refugees and foreign residents. — DX115 .S87 — VIDEO

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