Slavic & East European Documentaries

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Tailor, the ; Early on Sunday

In Russian with subtitles. Documentary. — The tailor: A sobering look at the spiritual void and disillusionment of the current generation of middle-aged adults. By the dawn of the Brezhnev years, they were aged before their time, having lost the opportunity for creative self-realization. (50 min.) 1988.--Early on Sunday: On a Sunday morning in winter several old village women go to the forest to gather wood. Their unpretentious observations evoke bursts of laughter, feelings of compassion, and an immense respect for the dignity and patience of these women. (16 min.) 1988 — DK246 .D53 no.3. — VIDEO

Tán Bakhtale!: Good Fortune for You

By Lemon. In Romany with subtitles. Documentary. — This Documentary — was shot in Russia in 1993, and Roma people from different backgrounds describe what it means to be a Gypsy. — DK241 .T362 — VIDEO

The Teens

By Homutova. In Russian with subtitles. Documentary. — Set in a Russian prison, this video documents the cause of the increase in teenage lawlessness: dysfunctional homes caused by parental alcohol and or drug abuse through interviews with teenage prisoners. — HV9177.2.A5 T44 — VIDEO

Ten Days That Shook the World

By Swallow. In English. Feature Film — Through the use of archival and newsreel footage supplemented by excerpts from Soviet feature films, shows how conditions in Russia during the reign of Nicholas II led to the Russian Revolution. Describes the Kerensky regime and tells how the Bolsheviks were able to gain control in October 1917. — DK262 .T45 — VIDEO

That Was the Ddr: A History of the Other Germany

[Das war die DDR: eine Geschichte des anderen Deutschland.], In German with subtitles. Documentary. — A lively and spirited four-part Documentary — of the history of the German Democratic Republic (Communist East Germany), told from the people's own point of view. — DD282 .T4613 — VIDEO

Theater Square ; and the past Seems but a Dream

By Arutunyanand Miroshnichenko. In Russian with subtitles. Documentary. — Theater square : On June 1, 1988, a hunger strike was organized in Yerevan's historic Theater Square over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region, populated mainly by Armenians, but located in Azerbaijan. The film portrays this event without commentary or interviews. (26 min.) 1988 . And the past seems but a dream : In 1938 a group of children wrote an idealistic book called 'We are from Igarka.' The director planned to film their rouching reunion 50 years later. But another childhood was revealed: " ... a time that was much more painful than the worst nightmare." (67 min.) — DK246 .D53 no.6 — VIDEO

The Theatre of Tadeusz Kantor

[Theatre de Tadeusz Kantor, Le ], by Feinberg. In French with subtitles. Documentary. — Documentary — on the life and works of a true genius of the 20th century Polish theater. Traces his roots as a visual artist in Poland and explores his ingenious methods of designing the props. Includes rare scenes of Kantor at work with the dedicated actors in his troup Téatre Cricot 2. — PN2859.P66 K36 — VIDEO

This Is How We Live: Homecoming

By Bobrov. In Russian with subtitles. Documentary. — This is how we live: A look at the alienation of many Soviet young people. (30 min.) 1987.--Homecoming: Veterans of the Soviet involvement in Afghanistan returned home with unresolved feelings about a demoralizing and unpopular war. The first film to document the human impact of the Afghan war. (17 min.) 1987. — DK246 .D53 no.8 — DVD

Three Songs about Lenin ; Kino-eye

[Kino Glaz], by Vertov. In Russian/Silent with subtitles. Documentary. — Kino-eye: A collection of excerpts from newsreels and Documentary — films of Soviet life in the early 1920s made by Vertov and his "Kino-Eye" group. Highlighted are the activities of Soviet children and youth of the Young Pioneers and Young Leninists interwoven with cinematic experiments as when Vertov charts the evolution of hamburger and bread by following its trail back to the farms and wheat fields from whence it came. An honest Documentary — of a society fresh from revolution, buoyed by idealism. "The final reel no longer exists but has been approximated through the use of carefully selected outtake footage." -- Three songs about Lenin: Lenin as revealed through the eyes of the Russian people, represented by three songs. The first, "My face was in a dark prison," concerns the life of a young Muslim woman. "We loved him" deals with Lenin's life and death. The third song, "In a big city of stone," shows the accomplishments of his rule. — PN1995.9.D6 K5 — DVD

Three Worlds of Childhood

By Bronfenbrenner. In English. Documentary. — Dr. Bronfenbrenner examines, through firsthand experiences, how children are raised in the Soviet Union, China, and the United States. Offers suggestions for improving the American system of child rearing. — HQ769 .T565 — VIDEO

To Know Where They Are

By Randall . In English. Documentary. — Documents the journey of a father and his daughter as they travel to Poland to find traces of their European family, with whom they lost contact before World War II. Once there, they meet two women who had helped their relatives during the Holocaust. — D804.3 .T62 — VIDEO


In English. Documentary. — Discusses the life and thought of Tolstoy as it relates to the contemporary situation. Shot on location in the Soviet Union, includes rare archival material. — E-6182 — 16MM

Tomorrow Is a Holiday ; Are You Going to the Ball?

By Bukovsky. In Russian with subtitles. Documentary. — Are you going to the ball? : An unprecedented look at the Soviet Union's women's gymnastic team. Olga Korbut is featured. (28 min.) 1987.-- Tomorrow is a holiday: Women workers stuff live chickens into metal containers. There is not much difference between the executioners and the victims. (18 min.) 1987. — DK246 .D53 no.12 — VIDEO

Trial, The. Part II

[Protsess - film vtoroi], by Beliaev. In Russian with subtitles. Documentary. — First work (61 min.): Portrays the awakening of contemporary civil identity. City squares, auditoriums, theater stages, and museums are the settings for this "court of conscience" on the past and future of the Soviet Union. 2nd work (12 min.): Its horn ornamented with little bells, a Judas goat serenely leads a herd of animals to the slaughterhouse. Banned for 9 years. — DK246 .D53 no.10 — VIDEO

Truman and the Cold War

In English. Documentary. — Discusses Truman's role in aiding European countries whose freedom was imperiled by the Soviet Union. — B-9924 — 16MM

The Truth about Communism

In English. Documentary. — Ronald Reagan narrates this four-part anti-communist film about the Communist threat to the free world. Alexander Kerensky, the first premier of the provisional Russian Government in 1917, formally introduces the film, which attempts to trace the development of the Communist movement from birth, to the Lenin years, through the Stalin years (featuring a response by Leon Trotsky attacking the Stalin purges), and to the ascendancy of Nikita Khrushchev. — E-7295 — 16MM

Turksib ; Salt for Svanetia

By Kalatozov. In Russian/Silent with subtitles. Documentary. — Video release of the Documentary — films Turksib, released in the USSR in 1929 and Salt for Svanetia, released in the USSR in 1930. — PN1995.9.D6 T847 — VIDEO

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