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Slavic & East European Documentaries

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The War in Europe

In English. Documentary. — Combining graphic combat footage and expert commentary, this is a commanding view of the battles and strategy, the men and machines, and the horror and heroism that marked World War II. Concentrates on the war in Europe. — D743.22 .W32 — VIDEO

War Symphonies, the : Shostakovich against Stalin

By Weinstein. In English. Documentary. — A look at Stalin's purge on Russia and the musical response Dmitri Shostakovich made through his symphonies Four to Nine, which he called "tombstones." — D810.E8 W37 — VIDEO

Warsaw Ghetto

In English. Documentary. — Presents actual photographs and films which were taken by cameramen of the German Army, the Secret Service, and the Gestapo who were assigned to record life and death in the ghetto. Shows Jews entering the Warsaw ghetto in November 1940 and reveals the horrors of disease and hunger, the deportations to the death camps, and the dying in the streets. — E-11,604 — 16MM

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

By Arzy. In English. Documentary. — Beginning with the Nazi invasion of Poland, we are led step-by-step through the deportations, life in the ghetto, the formation of a resistance organization and finally the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Utilizes archival film footage, authentic still photographs, and actual testimony of survivors. — D765.2.W3 W28 — VIDEO

Water, Water Everywhere

In Czech with subtitles. Documentary. — TC530 .W38 — VIDEO

We Are All Neighbors: Bosnia

By Christie. In English. Documentary. — "In a Muslim/Catholic village near Sarajevo, rumors fly and suspicions spread. When Catholic Croats assert control, Muslim businesses are attacked, villagers arrested and harassed, and homes threatened. Three weeks later, neighbors who had been close friends for 50 years no longer speak to each other, and the peaceful coexistence between Croats and Muslims disintegrates into mutual distrust and fear." — DR1313 .W4 — VIDEO

Who Says Folklore Can't Be Fun!

In English. Documentary. — Showcases performances of traditional Hungarian and Transylvanian folk dances performed during the 2004 Pontozo Hungarian Folkdance and Music Festival — GV1688.H8 W497 2004 — DVD

Whose Song Is This?

[Chija e tazi pesen?] In Bulgarian, Turkish, Greek, Macedonian, Albanian, Bosnian, Serbian & English, with English voice-overs and subtitles.  Documentary. — "A funny, dramatic and tragicomic account of the search for the truth about a song. This film which shows with a sense of humor some of the typical features of the character of the people on the Balkans, as for example their habit of appropriating all that is good and denying the others the right to possess the same qualities, the same songs, the same customs, the same temperament." — ML3600.6 .W467 2003 — VIDEO

Wood Goblin (confession of an Old Man); against the Current

By Kustov & Delov. In Russian with subtitles. Documentary — Against the current : A film about ecological crime. Despite being labeled extremists, the residents of Kirishi protest a major synthetic protein plant. (27 min.) 1988. — Wood goblin : For 15 years he has lived alone in the woods in a house he built himself. He commanded a tank company during World War II, and later was a local Communist Party chief. But he was fired from his position after a smear campaign. So he "joined the party of the green world," which he now defends against woodcutters. (19 min.) 1987. —DK246 .D53 no.1— VIDEO

The World at War

By Isaacs. In English. Documentary. — Examines the events of World War II using Documentary — footage, photographs, and reminiscences of individuals involved in the conflict. — D743 .W67 — VIDEO

World at War: Stalingrad

In English. Documentary. — D-11,5519 a&b [Not listed in Catalog] — 16MM

World Beat: Great Decisions in Foreign Policy

By Camp. In English. Documentary. — pt.1 U.S. trade & global markets--pt.2 The U.S. and the Middle East--pt.3 Mexico and the U.S.--pt.4 South Korea--pt.5 The global environment--pt.6 Western Europe--pt.7 The Soviet Union-- pt.8 U.S. foreign policy. — E183.7 .W87 — VIDEO

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