Slavic & East European Feature Films

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Adam's Rib

[Rebro Adama], by Krishtofovich. In Russian with subtitles. Feature Film — Three generations of women share a small, crowded apartment with Nina at the center of it all. Twice married and divorced, with two sexually active daughters, one from each failed marriage, she is also at the beck and call of her mute mother who rings her bedside bell whenever she craves attention. Trying to cope with the men that exist in their lives and the troubles they bring, forms the cornerstone of this bittersweet, comic film. — PN1995.9.C55 A42 — VIDEO

Aelita: The Queen of Mars

[Aelita], by Protazanov. In Russian/Silent with subtitles. Feature Film — A Moscow engineer designs a spaceship and travels to Mars to meet a woman who haunts his dreams. He succeeds, but finds himself embroiled in a Martian proletarian uprising. — PN1997.5 .A343 — VIDEO

Academic Ivan Pavlov

[Akademik Ivan Pavlov], by Mantell. In Russian with subtitles. Feature Film — Depicts Ivan Pavlov in his Leningrad research center. Uses documentary footage to recreate the salivating dog experiment which led to the concept of the conditioned reflex. Pavlov himself speaks about the need for objectivity in scientific experimentation and the application of conditioned reflex methods in neurology and psychiatry. — QP26.P35 A6213 — VIDEO


[Shqiperia], by Rossellini. In Albanian with subtitles. Feature Film — The first Western film shot in Albania. The story revolves around a long-time political prisoner, who on his release takes it on himself to arbitrate revenge killings plaguing the country. — PN1997 .A423 — VIDEO

Alexander Nevsky

[Aleksandr Nevskii], by Eisenstein. In Russian/Silent with subtitles. Feature Film — Tells of Russia's invasion by the powerful order of the Teutonic Knights in 1242 and of Nevsky's decisive victory at Lake Peipus in the Battle of the Ice. — DK93 .A43 — DVD

Alexander Nevsky

[Aleksandr Nevskii], by Eisenstein. In Russian/Silent with subtitles. Feature Film — F-10,371 — 16MM

The Alive

[Zhivoi], by Veledinskii. In Russian with subtitles. Feature Film — Film about the Chechen war — PN1997 .Z55 2006 — DVD [PAL w/Regional Encoding 5]

All Good Countrymen

[Vsichni dobrí rodáci] by Jasny. In Czech with subtitles. Feature Film —Tracing the lives of some of the people in a village from the summer of 1945 to 1968, a modern Czech folktale evolves. Pressure is put on different villagers to join the local Communist Party. As time passes the leader of the local farmers is finally coerced into becoming a party member.—PN1997 .V74 1999— VIDEO


By Litvak. In English. Feature Film — An expatriate White Russian general sets in motion a grand hoax after he meets a destitute woman on the banks of the Seine River in Paris. He is amazed at her resemblance to Anastasia, the youngest daughter of Czar Nicholas of Russia, rumored to have somehow survived the Bolsheviks' execution of the Romanoff family in 1918. He trains her to impersonate the missing princess but soon begins to feel she may be the real Anastasia. Ultimately, the truth can only be decided by one person--Anastasia's grandmother, the Dowager Empress. — PN1997 .A515 — VIDEO

And Quiet Flows the Don

[Tikhii don] by Gerasimov. In Russian with subtitles. Feature Film —The film depicts the destinies of the Don Cossacks during the First World War and the Civil War in Russia. —PN1995.9.F67 T55 2005— DVD

Andrei Rublev

[Andrei Rublev], by Tarkovskii. In Russian with subtitles. Feature Film — Story of the famed 15th century icon painter who survives the cruelties of medieval Russia and creates works of art.Includes: Rare film interviews with Tarkovsky with a video essay on Tarkovsky's work by Vlada Petric, screen-specfic audio essay by Petric, timeline featuring key events in Russian history plus the lives and works of Andrei Rublev and Tarkovsky and new English subtitles translating 40 percent more dialogue. — PN1995.9.B55 A53 1998 — DVD

Andrzej Wajda : Three War Films

Ashes & Diamonds, A Generation & Kanal, by Wajda. In Polish with subtitles. Feature Film — See individual entries on these films for summaries. — PN1997 .A54 2005 — DVD

Angel on the Right

[Fararishtay kifti ros] by Usmonov. In Tadjik with subtitles. Feature Film —"10 years after leaving Tajikistan, the Moscow-based gangster Hamro is tricked into returning to his home village, where he must confront old foes, debts, his tradition bound mother and a son that he didn't know he had." —PK6978.75 A54 2002— DVD

Anna Karenina

[Anna Karenina], by Zarkhi. In Russian with subtitles. Feature Film — Russian production of the classic tale of tragic passion and human morality, as revealed through the paths taken by two different people, Anna and Levin. — PG3366.A6 A66 — VIDEO

Anna Karenina

By Duvivier. In English. Feature Film — With Vivien Leigh, Kieron Moore, Ralph Richardson, Sally Ann Howes, Hugh Dempster. — PG3366.A6 A662 1996 — VIDEO

Anna on the Neck

[Anna na shee] by Annenskii. In Russian w/subtitles. Feature Film — he story is about the battle between the sexes. The first part portrays the patriarchal domination and oppression of Anna by her husband. The second part of the story depicts Anna's conquest of her husband. — PG2455 .A15 2005 — DVD

The Ark

[Kovcheg] by Kuzin. In Russian with subtitles. — Young Katya lives in a small town where she dreams of finding her prince charming. She falls in love with a stern skipper and goes to Moscow to learn about his secret past. One night changes both their lives as they grow to understand each other. — PN1997 .K6 2003 — DVD


[Arsenal], by Dovzhenko. In Russian/Silent with subtitles. Documentary. — An account of Ukraine from World War I, through the February and October revolutions, to the suppression of a workers' revolt in 1918 as experienced by Tymish, a Ukrainian soldier. — PN1995.75.A78 D68 — VIDEO

The Ascent

[Voskhozhdenie], by Shepitko. In Russian with subtitles. Feature Film — Russian partisans confront the Nazis during World War II. Two men react in different ways to their capture and torture. — PN1997 .V72 — VIDEO

Ashes & Diamonds [andrzej Wajda : Three War Films]

[Popiól i diament] by Wajda. In Polish with subtitles. Feature Film —"Ashes and Diamonds", the final segment of Andrzej Wajda's celebrated war trilogy ("A Generation" and "Kanal" preceded it) explores the effects of world war II on Poland's disillusioned youth. Wajda's unglorified vision of warfare and it's bitter aftermath, is informed with moral and historical ambiguity, leaving the viewer with several independent decisions to make. —PN1997 .A54 2005— DVD

Ashik Kerib : The Legend of Suram Fortress

[Legenda Suramskoy kreposti ; Ashik kerib], by Paradzhanov. In Ukrainian with subtitles. Feature Film — [The Legend of Suram fortress] The Georgians' repeated efforts at building a fortress against invaders fail until a fortune teller remembers an old prophecy that the son of her erstwhile lover must be bricked up alive in order for the fortress to stand. The young man sacrifices himself to save his country. [Ashik Kerib] Tale of a lovelorn musician, his travels and travails, and the eventual restoration of his mother's eyesight as well as his winning the hand of his intended. Done in a highly stylized, theatrical fashion. — PN1997 .L44 — VIDEO

Assassin of the Tsar

[Tsareubitsa] by Shakhnazarov. In Russian with subtitles. Feature Film — A psychiatric patient is convinced he was once the assassin of Tsar Alexander in 1881 and Tsar Nicholas II and his family in 1918. The patient is brought to the scene of the latter assassination by his doctor in an attempt to resolve the delusion. The viewer is given the opportunity to decide for him- or herself what is memory and what is fantasy. Excluding McDowell, the cast is Russian. — PN1997 .A87 2004 — DVD

Asya's Happiness

[Istoriia Asi Kliachinoi, kotoraia liubila, da ne vyshla zamuzh] by Konchalovskii. In Russian without subtitles. Feature Film —Life on the collective farm with an emphasis on the relations between men and women, men and men, and farmers and the land; much talk amid wheat and the ripening season. —PN1997 .I79 1987— VHS

At Home among Strangers, a Stranger among His Own

[Svoj sredi chuzhikh, chuzhoj sredi svoikh], by Mikhalkov. In Russian with subtitles. Feature Film — An unenviable lot fell to the Red Army soldier Shilov: he is suspected of stealing gold. In the hungry 1920s, the young Soviet Republic's government searches for gold all over the country, to buy for it bread from abroad. And now, the collected valuables disappeared from the armored and well-guarded train car on their way to Moscow. Shilov learns that the valuables have been stolen by bandits. To restore his good reputation, Shilov has to infiltrate the band. To find out where the stolen gold is kept, he must be at home among the strangers. — PN1997 .A822 — DVD

Atomic War Bride: This Is Not a Test

By Bulajic. In BCS with subtitles. Feature Film — Atomic War Bride: Under the threat of nuclear war, a young couple marries, then become witnesses to the chaos of atomic warfare. "A darkly satirical Yugoslavian sci-fi obscurity". — PN1995.9.S26 A86 — VIDEO

Autumn Marathon

[Osennii marafon], by Daneliia. In Russian with subtitles. Feature Film — A mild-mannered college professor finds his life made difficult by hounding students, a wronged wife, a demanding mistress, and a neighbor who insists the professor jog with him each morning at dawn. — PN1997 .O83 — DVD

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