Slavic & East European Feature Films

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Jacob the Liar

[Jakob der L├╝gner], by Beyer. In German with subtitles. Feature Film — Trapped in a Polish ghetto with thousands of other jews, facing starvation or deportation to the death camps, Jacob is detained one evening at Gestpo headquarters. Eavesdropping he overhears a radio report about a nearby Russian victory. At first he is silent, but circumstances compel him to pass on the good news of hope. In order to be believed, he feigns access to a hidden, strictly forbidden radio. Quickly he becomes a one-man bulwark against despair, a reluctant hero, but a tragic figure still, a man ultimately powerless to see or change the fate of his people. — PN1997 .J237 — VIDEO


[My iz dzaza], by Shakhnazarov. In Russian with subtitles. Feature Film — When jazz is condemned at his music school as a product of a bourgeois society, a young man forms a street jazz band and finds some benefactors to help the band gain recognition in the Soviet Union of the 1920s — PN1997 .M94 2004 — DVD

The Joke

[Zert], by Jires. In Czech with subtitles. Feature Film — Set in Stalinist Czechoslovakia during the 1950s, this tragicomedy revolves around the consequences of a single joke: a young man, is expelled from university and the Communist party and sentenced to six years hard labor for an irreverent postcard he sends to a lady friend. This leaves him cynical, bitter, and out for revenge. — PN1997 .Z52 — DVD

Jolly Fellows

[Veselye rebiata ], by Aleksandrov. In Russian with subtitles. Feature Film — A musical comedy which pits a whip-cracking, animal-herding, good-hearted rustic with a fine voice and a Pan-like effect on all who hear him against a so-called "finer" stratum of society. Leaving a trail of mirth and mayhem from the seaside to the Moscow theater world, our hero eventually finds harmony and lifelong melody with a pretty, tuneful serving girl. — PN1997.5 .V47 — VIDEO

Joseph Schultz

By Golubovic. In English. Feature Film — A dramatization about a German soldier during World War II in Yugoslavia who, refusing to participate in the execution of innocent hostages, brings his own death, and provides for the viewer a consideration of the moral and ethical code of the individual in a time of war. — D744.4 .J68 — VIDEO

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