Slavic & East European Feature Films

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¡que Viva Mexico!

[Meksikanskaia fantasiia], by Eisenstein. In Russian with subtitles. Feature Film — "In 1930, legendary film pioneer Sergei Eisenstein (Battleship Potemkin, October) arrived in Mexico to make Que viva Mexico, a film about the struggles, triumphs and tragedies of this unexpectedly rich and diverse country. Eisenstein's luminous images capture the heart and soul of this amazing land. When Eisenstein was compelled to return to Russia, he was forced to leave the film behind and was never permitted to finish his 'lost masterpiece.' Filmmaker [and] Eisenstein biographer Oleg Kovalov used his insights into the late master's genius to create this thoughtful and contemplative interpretation of the film that might have been made."—PN1995.9.M5 S4 2001 — DVD

Queen of Spades

In Russian with subtitles. Feature Film — The Bolshoi Opera, Theatre, Orchestra and Choir have joined to create the definitive motion picture of this modern masterpiece! From the dazzling sets and costumes, to the impassioned singing and acting, this is an experience both opera and film lovers will not soon forget. — M1526.T34 Q4 — VIDEO

Last modified: August 13, 2009