Slavic & East European Feature Films

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U Samogo Sinnego Moria

By Barnet. In Russian with French subtitles. Feature Film — Yussuf and Aliosha are two shipwrecked sailor on an island in the Caspian Sea. They start working as sailor and mechanic for the fishboats of the "Lights of the Communism" kolkhoz. Here the two friends will fall in love for the beautiful Misha"--Summary by giulienk — PN1997 .U736 2007 — DVD [PAL]

Uncle Vanya

In English. Feature Film — The play depicts the lives of a group on the estate of a retired professor, a pompous fellow who has returned, with his young second wife, to write his masterpiece. His assumption of superiority becomes increasingly hard to endure. — PG3456.D5 G213 — VIDEO


By Kusturica. In BCS with subtitles. Feature Film — A tragicomedy about love, friendship, betrayal, manipulation and lies. Deals with the conflicts of the Yugoslav history of the past fifty years. — PN1997 .U45 — VIDEO

Unfinished Piece for the Player Piano

[Neokonchennaia p'esa dlia mekhanicheskogo pianino ], by Mikhalkov. In Russian with subtitles. Feature Film — A picture of life of the Russian gentry in the late 19th century. A village teacher, undergoing an emotional crisis and believing his life has had no purpose, torments both himself and his young wife. A doctor hates his patients and his work. Guests staying with a general's wife are talking about the pleasures of a simple village life, not really believing what they are saying. — PN1997.2 .U535 — DVD

Unforgettable Summer

[Un été inoubliable], by Pintilie. In Romanian / Bulgarian with subtitles. Feature Film — Set in the 1920's, this is the story of a Romanian officer's wife whose devotion to her family and concern for others causes nothing but strife. — PN1997 .E73 — VIDEO

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