Women's Studies: Films and Videos

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Abortion... Public Issue or Private Matter

26 min., Films Incorporated, 1971 - presents multiple viewpoints in this explosively controversial question before Roe v. Wade, with particular reference to the Washington, D.C. area and the court's interpretation of the law sanctioning abortion to preserve the health of the mother as including mental health. FILM

Abortion: Stories from North and South

55 min., The Cinema Guild, 1985 - presents a cross cultural analysis of abortion which shows the widespread use throughout the world. Also demonstrates how abortion crosses class, race and religious lines while looking at developing and developed societies. HQ767 A37 1984 VIDEO

Acting Our Age

A film about growing old. Includes discussions of sexuality, being alone, financial difficulties, and dealing with death. BF724.55.A35 A34 1987 VIDEO

African Art and Women Artists

Focuses on Kenyan artist, Elizabeth Orchardson-Mazrui, whose art comments on life, particularly the contradictory attitudes of African society towards women. N7397.6.K4 A47 1992 VIDEO

Against Her Will: Rape on Campus

46 min. - Presents case studies of acquaintance rape on American college campuses and discusses prevention options. HV6561 A38 1989. VIDEO

Aka Kathe: A Compassionate Profile of a Prostitute's Life

63 min., Minda J. Martin, 1999 - This documentary examines the life of a drug-addicted prostitute, the effect of her life and death on her son and her family, and the cycle of violence towards women. HQ143.A6 A43 1999. VIDEO

Alice Aycock

11 min., Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, 1983 - this artist talks about her working techniques, choices of materials, use of scale and the conceptual basis for her sculpture, all within the context of her major installation - "Celestial Amusement Park". VCT 4. VIDEO

Am I Wife, Mother, or Me?

31 min., Learning Corporation of America, 1975 - This dramatization presents the effects on a 70's marriage and family life when the wife begins to search for greater growth. FILM

American Women: Portrait of Courage

57 min., CRM/McGraw-Hill, 1976 - Highlights the careers of ten women in the U.S. who fought to establish, preserve and expand the rights and liberties of all people. Looks at women from the heroism of the U.S. Revolutionary War through the battles against slavery, racism, sexism, Victorian prudery and the exploitation of labor. FILM

Ancient Lives: Woman's Place

23 min., Explains ceremonies surrounding rites and status of women in ancient Egypt. DT61 A67 1985 pt 5. VIDEO

And the Home of the Brave

17 min., Tricepts Productions, - presents the story of an eighty-four year old widow as she is admitted into a nursing home and placed in a room with a stranger. Shows how she quickly learns about institutional life. Examines problems of nursing homes. RA997.A32 1989. VIDEO

Anita Hill vs. Clarance Thomas

Interviews with Anita Hill, former members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and women who were willing to testify against Judge Thomas, but who were not called. KF 8745 T48 A54 1994 . VIDEO

Anne Sexton

30 min., Indiana university, 1966 - Presents an introduction to Anne Sexton and a view of her poetry. Describes how she began writing poetry and includes readings of Her Kind, Sold in 1958, Ringing the Bells, The Addict, Young, Those Times, Little Girl, My String Bear, My Lovely Woman, and Live. FILM

Anne Wilson - Pattern Study

8 min., Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, - this textile artist relates art to that of other cultures and demonstrates various dying, weaving, knotting and stitching techniques. NK 3004 A3 W55 1983. VIDEO

Annie and the Old One

16 min., BFA/Phoenix Films, 1976 - Explore the concepts of death and time through the story of Annie, a Navajo girl, and her grandmother, the Old One. Based on Miska Miles' book of the same title. FILM

Annie Hutchinson

50 min., Social Studies School Service, 1964 - Dramatizes Anne Hutchinson's struggle with the Puritan Church hierarchy over their rigid theocratic control of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. FILM

Annie Keeney

58 min., PBS, 1988 - looks at the life of this suffrage organizer. Begins with her early life and focuses on her organizing work in England. JS 3212.S56 1988 pt.1 VIDEO

Antonia: A Portrait of the Woman

58 min., BFA/Phoenix Films, 1974 - Presents a warm and affectionate portrait of Antonia Brico, who established an international reputation as an accomplished orchestra conductor in the 1930's. FILM

Art of Maria Cosindas

30 min., Indiana University, 1967 - Presents Marie Cosindas' color photographs along with comments by museum visitors, art critics, and former subjects. Shows her discussing her work with others, creating a still life, and working on two portraits, and includes one of her experimental film-clips. FILM

The Artist Was a Woman: Woman Artists 1550-1950

60 min., ABC-TV - documents the preparation and outcome of an exhibit devoted to women artists in the U.S. N8354.A77 1980. VIDEO


20 min., New York, N.Y. : Filmakers Library, [2002] - A young Ghanian woman, tells her story directly to the camera: how she went to see her father, whom she had never met, to ask his blessing on her impending marriage. His reaction was to arrange a marriage for her to an elderly man and to tell her she would be "circumcised." Baaba flees and when her father pusues her and offers a reward for her return to him, she has no choice but to leave her home with false papers and try to become a refugee in the United States. GN484 .A89 2002. VIDEO

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