Women's Studies: Films and Videos

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Baby, It's You

Filmmakers Library, 1997. - "Baby boomers in their late forties, belatedly trying to create a family, Anne Makepeace and her husband explore the reasons why none of their brothers and sisters have children and a traditional family life." VCT 897. VIDEO.

Back to Work, Back to School

A Stimulus Film for Women, 20 min., AP & G, 1973 - Presents a series of vignettes designed to present a number of typical reactions. Allows women to explore and experience their feelings and reactions to these situations in a safe setting and to explore new and more effective ways of responding. B-10,799 FILM

Bad Attitudes (What Does She Want)

90 min., Video Data Bank, 1987 - presents politics in its various manifestations. PN1992.8.V5 W53 1987 pt.2 VIDEO

Barbara Jordan, Keynote Adrees at the 1976 Democratic National Convention

28 min., Joseph Rudolph, 1988 - with a short biographical sketch, this video presents this African American U.S. Congresswoman's address. E 840.8.J62 A5 1988. VIDEO

Barbara Pym: Out of the Wilderness

28 min., Greybirch Productions, 1984 - Hilary Pym Watson and Hazel Holt talk about the life and writings of this British Labor Organizer. PR6066.Y58 Z85 1984. VIDEO

Barbie Nation: An Unauthorized Tour

54 min., New Day Films, 1998 - journeying from Barbie conventions to anti-Barbie demonstrations, from girls' play dates to Barbie web pages, Barbie Nation plumbs the cult of the Barbie doll, telling the Barbie stories of diverse men, women and children. NK4894.3 B37 B4 1998. VIDEO

Battle for the Minds

75 min., Battle for the Minds, 1996 - Explores the tensions within the Southern Baptist Convention, in regard to the role of women in the church and the ordination of women in particular.  BX6462.8 B38 1997. VIDEO

Beautiful Piggies

28 min., Filmakers Library, 1994 - Revealing self-portrait of Barbara Bader, and the impact her eating disorder has had on her life and the lives of the family members who love her. RC628 .B33 1994. VIDEO

Beauty in the Bricks

29 min., Documentary of black teenage girls in Dallas, TX determined to succeed despite poverty and violence. F394 D219 N4 1981. VIDEO

Before Stonewall: The Making of a Gay and Lesbian Community

88 min., First Run Features, 1990. - A social, political and cultural history of homosexuality in America from the 1920s to 1969. Traces the beginning of the Gay Liberation Movement after a police raid on Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in New York City, and the three-day riot that followed. HQ 76.8 U5 B415 1990 VIDEO

Behind the Veil

130 min., National Film Board of Canada, 1984 - presents a history of women in religious orders by reviewing the periods in Western history when women had power. BX4210.B33 1984. VIDEO

Behind the Veil: Afghan Women under Fundamentalism

26 min. Films for the Humanities,2001 - "This gripping program describes the massive human rights abuses that have been escalating since the withdrawal of the Soviet forces, as seen through the eyes of women who have survived years of rampant gender and religious intolerance."--Container. HQ1735.6 B44 2001

Bell Hooks

66 min., Media Education Foundation, 1997 - lecture by bell hooks in which she makes a powerful argument for the transformative power of cultural criticism. PE 1127 P6 H66 1997 VIDEO

Bernice Abbot

47 min., Lightborne, 1988 - interview with this photographer about her life and her work.? FILM

Betty Hahn

29 min., Images Productions, 1983 - this artist discusses non-silver printing and traces her work chronologically. TR140.H33 B47 1983. VIDEO

Beyond Bejing: The International Women's Movement

60 min., Solome Chasnoff/beyond media, 1996 - this documentary is about the NGO parallel forum in Huairou that occurred at the same time as the Fourth World Conference on Women in Bejing. HN 49 W6 B48 1996 VIDEO

Beyond Imagining: Margaret Anderson and the Little Review

By Wendy Weinberg, 30 min., Dist. by Women Make Movies - A profile of Anderson and her profound impact on American Literature. Z116.A44 A53 1992. VIDEO

Bionic Beauty Salon

22 min., New Day Films, c1999 - Bionic beauty salon addresses the insecurities of women of all ages who learn to place their self-worth in the measure of their beauty. The film offers a model for how to reclaim the media and find one's true self through one's own voice. BF697.5.B63 S7 1999. VIDEO

Black Athena

52 min., California Newsreel, 1991 - explores the heated debate around Prof. Martin Bernal's iconoclastic book on the African origins of the Greek Culture. DF78.B55 1990. Media Center

Black Women, Sexual Politics and the Revolution

30 min., Black Planet Production, 1992 - Black feminist women discuss the plight of the African American woman in the United States. HQ 1426.B63 1992. Media Center

Blind Justice: Women and the Law

30 min., Films for the Humanities & Sciences - four animated segments trace the ways in which justice has been applied to women in Western society. HQ1122 .B58 1987. VIDEO

Booktalking with Joni Bodart

28 min., H.W. Wilson, 1986 - Bodart and her colleagues Larry Rakow and Jacqueline Brown Woody explain the basic strategies and personal touches they use when creating and presenting booktalks and demonstrate the finished product as performed before live audiences in libraries and classrooms. Z716.3 .B75 1986. VIDEO

Born to Be Sold: Martha Rosler Reads the Strange Story of Baby M

35 min., Video Data Bank - presents a discussion of the social and economic implications of surrogate motherhood in the case of Mary Beth Whitehead and Baby M. HQ759.5.B67 1988. VIDEO

Bought & Sold

42 min., Global Survival Network, 1997 - A report about the traffic in women for prostitution from the former Soviet republics. HQ281 B68 1997. VIDEO

Brain Sex

3 videos, 50 min. each, Discovery Channel Video, 1996. - Scientific studies indicate that men and women do not have identical brain structures which may account for some of the differences in behavior between sexes. Part 1 (Sugar and Spice) explores effect of hormones received during gestation on behavior. Part 2 (Anything you can do) looks at how different brain architecture can lead to differences in ability and learning patterns. Part 3 (Love, love me do) looks at social relations between men and women. QP81.5 B735 1996 VIDEO

Breaking out of the Doll's House

32 min., Learning Corporation of America, 1975 - Specially edited from the feature film a Doll's House. As an exemplar of the emancipated woman, Jane Fonda plays Nora, 'the doll wife,' in Joseph Losey's striking film version of Henrik Ibsen's classic play which has so much meaning for us today. FILM

Burning Times

58 min., National Film Board of Canada, 1990 - looks at the witch hunts during the Middle Ages and provides the alternative viewpoint of how this hysteria was an effort to take away the power from women. Also offers insights into legends and misconceptions about the term "witch". BF1566.B97 1990. VIDEO

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