Women's Studies: Films and Videos

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Dadi's Family

Michael Camerini and Rina Gill, Public Broadcasting Associates - Portrait of a farming family in India which focuses on Dadi, the grandmother, who manages a large household. Looks at the role and lives of women, who become members of their husband's family upon marriage. HQ670 .D33

Dangerous Relationships

30 min. Angelique LaCour, Human Relations Media, Inc. - Designed to help teens recognize unhealthy, manipulative and potentially violent behavior in relationships. Comments from students and teachers alternate with dramatic sequences chronicling a fictional couple's dating relationship. HQ801.83 D36 1995


Maria Novaro, Macondo Cine Video - Julia, a telephone operator in Mexico City, goes on a journey to search for her missing dance partner who she believes has fled to Vera Cruz. HQ1463 .D35 1991

Date Rape Backlash

1994 - exposes media's role in the trivialization of feminist concerns and claims in regards to sexual violence. HV6561 D37 1994 VIDEO

Dating Rite: Gang Rape on Campus

28 MIN., New York,NY: Filmakers Library, Inc.,c1991- Presents a dramatization of a gang rape at a campus dorm party. Includes follow up discussion of rape and date rape by students. Additional comments by a professor of social psychology and a sexual assault counselor. Interviews with a convicted rapist and a rape survivor.HV6558.D37 1991

The Daughters of Isis: Black Women in Antiquity

Part II of the Clegg Series, - From the "origin of the human family to the end of the Seventeenth Dynasty of Ancient Egypt." CB235 .D38 1992. VIDEO

Daughters of the Dust

By Julie Dash. Dist. Geechee Girls Productions, 113 min., A story about a large African American family preparing to move north at the turn of the century. It looks at the changing values, conflicts and struggles the family makes in their quest for a better future. E185.6 .D3 1992. VIDEO

David and Hazel, a Story in Communication

29 min., CRM/Mcgraw-Hill, 1963 - This dramatized presentation of a hypothetical case study concentrates on how lack of communication in a family is detrimental to the development of a healthy emotional climate in the home. FILM

Day in the Life of Bonnie Consolo

16 min., Barr Films, 1975 - Bonnie Consolo, who was born without arms, yet leads a normal, productive life, narrates her own story as the camera follows her through her daily routine. FILM

Dear Dr. Spencer: Abortion in a Small Town

24 min., First Run/Icarus Films, 1997. Features interviews with Pennsylvania doctor, Dr. Robert Douglas Spencer, who performed illegal abortions during the first half of the 20th Century. HQ767.5.U5 D47 1997. VIDEO

Death and Dying: A Conversation with Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

M.D., 30 min. PBS, 1974 - this noted psychiatrist discusses her work and philosophy during an interview. BD444.D358. VIDEO

Defending Our Lives: A Film about Domestic Abuse

30 min., Cambridge Documentary Films, 1999 -This video features four women imprisoned for killing their batterers and their terrifying personal testimonies. Each of these women tells her own horrific tale of beatings, rape and torture at the hands of her husband or boyfriend. HV6626 D44 1999. VIDEO

Defying the Odds

29 min., Filmakers Library, 1996 - this upbeat film, produced for the Beijing Women's Conference, focuses on the lives of four women of diverse ages and backgrounds who have broken ground in new fields. They are questioning age-old traditions as they forge careers in their respective societies. HN49 .W6 D43 1996. VIDEO

The Desert Is No Lady: Women Artists and Writers of the Southwest

45 min., Women Make Movies - Women artists and writers discuss the influences of Southwestern culture, geography and demographics on their work. NX653 .S68 D4 1995. VIDEO

The Devil Never Sleeps

By Lourdes Portillo, 87 mins. Women Make Movies, 1996 -Early one Sunday morning, the filmmaker receives a phone call informing her that her beloved Tio (Uncle) Oscar Ruiz Almeida has been found dead of a gunshot wound to the head in Chihuahua, Mexico. His widow declares his death a suicide. Most of his family, however, cry murder and point to a number of suspects that include the widow herself. PN1997.5 D48 1996 VIDEO

Dialogues with Madwomen

By Allie Light, 90 min., Dist. by Women Make Movies - Documents the experiences of seven women with mental illnesses. RC 451.4 .W6 D63 1993. VIDEO

Dirty Laundry: A Homemade Telenovela

By Cristina Ibarra, 15 min. - A Mexican soap opera coming of age story. Forced to be part of her cousin's quinceanera, Sandra dreads the day she must confess her secret. Will she give up her dirty laundry or remain faithful to the washing machine? VCT 1005, 2001 VIDEO

Divorce Iranian Style

80 mins., Women Make Movies, 1998 - looks inside an Iranian divorce court shows how women are treated under Islamic law. HQ922.56 D57 1998

Does Anybody Need Me Anymore

29 min., Lucerne Films, 1975 - Dramatization of the effects of new values and changing lifestyles on middle-aged women and their families. Maureen Stapleton and Paul Scorvino star as the couple whose life is changed when the wife decides to reexamine her life. She gets a group of her friends together for some informal 'consciousness raising, and the women talk of their lives, revealing uncertainties and the poor images they have of themselves. FILM

A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen

96 min., South Gate Entertainment, 1989 - This production of A DOLLS HOUSE features Claire Bloom, Anthony Hopkins and Sir Ralph Richardson, produced by Hillard Elkins. PN 1997 D642 1989 VIDEO.

Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen Part I, Destruction of Illusion

33 min., Britannica Educational Materials, 1967 - Presents Ibsen's play in a modern setting to emphasize the timeliness of his message. Shows how Nora discovers that she has been living in a fantasy world, which Ibsen calls her doll's house. Explores how Ibsen slowly destroys her illusions about herself and her situation. FILM

Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen's Themes

28 min., Britannica Educational Materials, 1967 - Analyzes the characters in A Doll's House, to show how their personalities are consistent with the ending which Ibsen chose. Discusses the unique structure of Ibsen's plays in terms of his realistic approach to drama which emphasizes the supreme importance of individuals. Examines the various themes of the play. FILM

A Doll's House

109 min., Learning Corporation of America, 1973 - Jane Fonda stars in this interpretation of Henrik Ibsen's play of the "model wife" begins a new life alone. Screenplay by David Mercer and filmed on location in Norway. FILM


51 min., Cinema Guild, 1988. Presents a dramatization which portrays the problem of domestic violence in the Latino community. HQ809.3.U5 D6 1988. VIDEO

Dorothea Lange

13 min., Films for Humanities, 1988 - documents how this photographer's images of the 1930's depression in the U.S. brought the effects of the era into the public's consciousness. TR140.L3 D67 1988. VIDEO

Dorothea Lange, Closer for Me

30 min., Indiana University, 1965 - Compares this photographer's personality with her work. Presents many of her works and her distinct style and vision for photography. FILM

Dorothea Lange, under the Trees

30 min., Indiana University, 1965, - Provides a close view of this photographer and her photographs, enabling the viewer to share her deep involvement in her work and her philosophy as a photographer. FILM

The Double Burden: Three Generations of Working Mothers

55 min., New Day Films, 1992 - Filmmaker Marlene Booth describes her own experiences as a working mother as well as the experiences of three families for whom working outside the home was a tradition for several generations of women. HQ759.48 .D68 1991 VIDEO

Drawing Conclusions

25 mins., E.K. Miller Productions, 1998 - looks at politics and gender by focusing on Hillary Rodham Clinton; includes interviews with four prominent cartoonists and dozens of cartoons. NC1429.M6 D73 1998 VIDEO

A Dream of Passion

106 min., Charter Entertainment, 1978 - a woman imprisoned in Greece for murdering her children becomes the object of a publicity stunt for the production of "Media". PN 1997.D725 1987. VIDEO

Dreamworld: Desire/Sex/Power in Rock Video

56 min., Sut Jhally - Shows the way that rock videos are portray as being women as being sex objects. PN 1992.8 M87 J43 1990 VIDEO

Dreamworld 2: Desire/Sex/Power in Rock Video

56 min., Sut Jhally - Sequel to Dreamworlds shows the way that rock videos are portray as being women as being sex objects. PN1992.8.M87 D75 1995 VIDEO

The Duchess of Malfi

123 min., BBC, 1976 - John Webster's tragedy which was completed in 1613 tells of a vengeance taken against the Duchess, who against the commands of her brother, marries her steward, Antonio. PR3184 .D8 1976. VIDEO

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