Women's Studies: Films and Videos

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Eastern Spirit Western World: A Profile of Dawn Kan

30 min., Indiana University - features sequences of this artist at work as she recounts the major influences in her creative life. ND2070.K3A4 1988. VIDEO

Education of Rita

60 min., Films Inc., 1986 - 21 year old Rita Tikhonova is finishing her studies at Moscow University. This program follows her through her final days, her oral exams and her first teaching assignment. DK287.C66 1986 pt.1 VIDEO

El Norte

141 min., CBS/Fox Home Video, 1985 (Spanish with English Subtitles) - feature film which shows the story of a Mayan sister and brother who leave Guatemala for Los Angeles in the U.S. to escape the right wing military.PQ7497 N3 1984. VIDEO

Elizabeth, the Queen Who Shaped an Age

27 min., Learning Corporation of America, 1970 - Explores this woman's character and dramatizes her role in leading England to become the richest, most powerful national in the world. FILM

Emerging Woman

40 min., RF, 1974 - Film about the history of women in the U.S. produced by the Women's Film Project. Uses old engravings, photographs, newsreels and other film clips to show the varied economic, social and cultural experiences of women, how they felt about their conditions and how their sex, race and class often determined their priorities. FILM

England of Elizabeth

26 min., International Film Bureau, 1960 - Looks at how the growth of the maritime fleet, the personality and influence of Elizabeth I, the songs, sonnets, plays and writings of authors like Shakespeare all helped to build the power, prestige and spirit of Elizabethan England. FILM

Equality: A History of the Women's Movement in America

30 MIN., Bala Cynwyd, PA : Schlessinger Video Productions, c1996- Chronicles the lives of women who were prominent in the various women's movements that emerged in response to a variety of injustices perpetrated against women in their personal, public, and professional lives. From Abigail Adams in 1776 to the present day. HQ1410.E6 1996 MEDIA

Eve's Daughter

27 min., Leonardo's Children, Inc., 1995 - Documentary about the lives of five lesbian women who take us through their own struggles in a heterosexist, sexist, racist society. V IDEO

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