Women's Studies: Films and Videos

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Gap-toothed Women

39 min., Flower Films, 1989 - Presents interviews with 40 gap-toothed women -- their beliefs, lifestyles and explores if a space between one's teeth makes a difference. Uses this seemingly trivial subject to look at the cross currents of human nature. FILM

Georgia O'Keefe

58 min., Films Incorporated, 1977 - Interview with this artist photographed at her home in Abiquiu, New Mexico, where she talks about her life and her work. Old photographs, scenes of the New Mexico countryside, and displays of her paintings are interspersed with the narrative. FILM

Gertrude Stein, When This You See, Remember Me

89 min., CRM/McGraw-Hill, 1972 - Film biography of this remarkable woman and her influence on early 20th Century art. Demonstrates that Ms. Stein was not locked into any of the conventional female roles. FILM

Girls like Us

60 min., New York, NY : Distributed by Women Make Movies, 1997 - This documentary explores female teenage experiences of sexuality and pregnancy. An ethnically diverse group of four working class girls strut, flirt and testify about their lives. HQ798 .G54 1997 . VIDEO


99 min., Video Artists International - presents the 1965 performance of Alicia Alonso, a ballet dancer with the National Ballet of Cuba. GV1790 .G5 G57 1988. VIDEO

Global Links: Women in the Third World

7 videocassette 191 min total - Looks at the economic impact of women in developing countries and efforts to bring rural and urban women together in decision making processes. HN980 G65 1987 pt.4 VIDEO

Gloria Steinem: Ms. America

50 min., New Video Group, 1995 - follows the life of the leader of the modern Women's Movement from a troubled and impoverished childhood to the forefront of feminism. HQ1413 .S675 G56 1995. VIDEO

Glorifying the American Girl

87 min., National Cinema Service, 1929 - A silent film classic produced under the supervision of Florenz Ziegfield which deals with a singer's climb to the big time at the prodding of her obnoxious mother. FILM

Goddess Remembered

55 min., Direct Cinema, 1990 - documentary which is a salute to the 35,500 years of "pre-History" and to the ancient goddess-worshipping religions. BL473.5 .G62 1990. VIDEO

Goldwidows: Women in Lesotho

52 min., by Don Edkins, Ute Hall & Mike Schlome. - A story about four Lesotho women whose husbands work as migrant gold miners in South Africa, often without returning home for five years at a time. Each woman tells her own story. HQ2039.S62 L47 1991. VIDEO

Great Black Women

52 min., Films for the Humanities and Sciences - looks at how African American women have triumphed over barriers to make significant contributions. Presents Carate Scott King, Lena Horne, Shirley Chisholm, Tina Turner, Oprah Winfrey, Marva Collins, Whoopi Goldberg, Patti LaBelle and "Mother Hale". E185.96 .G68 1990. VIDEO

Great Grandmother

29 min., New Day Films 1976 - Looks at the history of women who settled the western plains by underscoring the tremendous contributions women have made throughout history. FILM

Great Step : China Women in the 20th Century

2 videocassettes., Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 2001 - A two-part look at how Chinese women broke with their age-old traditions of subservience and prejudice to confront issues and agitate for reforms in the 20th century. HQ1767 .G73 2001 VIDEO

Grounds: Inhale the Scent of History

11 min., Canspeak Pictures, 2000 - During the Mexican Revolution, a widow buried a coffee can filled with family treasures and crossed into the U.S. The can was never found. More than 80 years later, the woman's great granddaughter uses her own story of moving to San Francisco to explore the scent of history and the texture of migratory memory. PN1997.5 G76 2000 VIDEO

Growing up Female

50 min., New Day Films, 1971 - Describes the socialization of women in the U.S. through a look into the lives of six females ranging in age from 4 to 35. Shows the action of such forces as parents, teachers, guidance counselor, the media, pop music and the institution of marriage. FILM

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