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Women's Studies: Films and Videos

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Hairpiece: A Film for Nappy-headed People

10 min., Women Make Movies, 1985 - Looks at African American women's hair within the context of the U.S. society and its construction of beauty. FILM

Half the Kingdom

59 min., Direct Cinema, 1989 - American, Canadian, and Israeli women talk about their struggle to redefine their roles in Jewish life and attempt to incorporate feminist values into their religion. HQ1172.H34 1989. VIDEO

Hands of Maria

17 min., RMI Films Productions, 1968 - Shows the hands of Maria Martinez as they work without the aid of a potter's when fashioning large pots by coiling ropes of clay in the much the same way her ancestors did. FILM

Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad

54 min., CRM/Mcgraw Hill, 1971 - Harriet Tubman was a woman of rare courage and abilities who helped runaway slaves escape to safety by way of the Underground Railroad. This film follows one of her most dangerous trips in November, 1865. FILM

Hearts and Hands

63 min., Ferraro Films, 1987 - diaries, letters, photographs and quilts tell the story of 19th century women in the U.S. HQ1418 .F472 1987. VIDEO

Helen Keller in Her Story

45 min., BFA/Phoenix Films, 1953 - Helen Keller plays herself as this film traces her career from birth to age seventy-six, showing in detail how the blind, deaf and mute child overcame almost insuperable handicaps to become one of the world's great figures. Some of Miss Keller's famous friends appear. FILM

Hill vs. Thomas

45 min., Films for the Humanities, 2000- Archival footage covering the events surrounding the Judiciary Committee and Senate hearings regarding Anita Hill's sexual harrassment accusations against U.S. Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas, with four CBS News correspondents providing their firsthand insights into the case. HD6060.5 H5 2000. VIDEO

Hispanic Journal, I and II

54 min., Rod Enterprises, 1988 - Interviews with Hispanic American professional women from the Los Angeles area. E184.S75 H572 1988. VIDEO

Hispanics: The Changing Role of Women

44 min., Films for the Humanities and Sciences, 1998 - Several prominent Latina women discuss their changing role within the context of Hispanic family values, male machismo, and the traditional role of females as the center of the family and community life. Also examines the issue from the male perspective. E184S75 H59515 1998. VIDEO

Home Is Struggle: Historias Paralelas

Women Make Movies 1991 - about the struggles of women who have immigrated to the U.S. HQ 1410 H65 1991. VIDEO

Home of the Brave

53 min., The Cinema Guild, 1984 - Looks at Native American in both South and North America and their struggles to survive in the 1980's and Western development. Talks with several indigenous women to understand their point of view. FILM

Honored by the Moon

15 min., Women Make Movies, 1990. Native American lesbians and gay men talk about their lives. They speak of their unique historical and spiritual role, and of the sacredness associated with being lesbian or gay and having the power to bridge the worlds of male and female. E98.S48 H66 1990 VIDEO

Hozho of Native Women

29 min, distributed by Women Make Movies, 1996 - Presents excerpts from a conference on Native American women's health issues. Interviews with several native women concerning their personal life stories with regards to their society, cultural assimilation problems, and identity. E 98 S7 H694 1996 VIDEO


California Newsreel, 1993 - A wealthy prostitute returns to her home village and showers the villagers with money in return for their assistance in exacting revenge against the man who forced her into prostitution. PT2607.U493 B43 1993z. VIDEO

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