Women's Studies: Films and Videos

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Las Madres, the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo

64 min., Santa Monica, CA : Direct Cinema Ltd., [198-?] - Fourteen mothers gathered in the square in front of the Presidential Palace in Buenos Aires in April, 1977, to protest the disappearance of their children; since then, they have marched every Thursday and more people have joined them, intensifying the demands for justice for the abduction, torture, and death of 30,000 young people labeled as subversives by former military dictators. PN1997.A1 M32 1980z. VIDEO

Maedchen in Uniform

(German with English subtitles), 87 min., Embassy Home Entertainment, 1931 - Legendary film from the German post-Expressionism period which is extremely daring for its time in suggesting lesbian affections in the story of a young girl whose identity is choked by the authoritarian boarding school she attends. PN 1997 .M233 1987. VIDEO

Maids and Madams

52 min., Filmmakers Library, Apartheid and women DT 1757M34 1985. VIDEO

The Makioka Sisters

Directed by Kon Ichikawa, 140 min., Toho Company, Ltd. - A story of how four daughters of an old merchant family face the end of a way of life. PL 839 A7 S3713 1983. VIDEO

Mama Awethu!

53 min., First Run/Icarus Films, 1993. Follows the day-to-day lives of 5 black south African women in the townships around Cape Town, revealing the legacy of the apartheid system. DT1757.M355 1933. VIDEO

Mammy Water: In Search of the Water Spirits in Nigeria

36 min., University of California Extension Media Center - Mammy Water is a pidgin English name for a local water goddess who is sought in times of need, especially by women. BL 2470 N5 M36 1991. VIDEO

Man and Woman (Taming of the Shrew)

33 min., Learning Corporation of America, 1973- Presents an introduction to "The Taming of the Shrew" and a takeoff of the relationship between the genders in literature. Richard Burton is cast as the clever and boisterous Petrucchio who woos and weds with force the flamboyant and resistant Katherine, played by Elizabeth Taylor. FILM

A Man, When He Is a Man (El Hombre, Cuando Es Hombre)

By Valeria Sarmiento, 1982, 66 min., Dist. by Women Make Movies - A documentary about "the social climate and cultural traditions which nurture machismo and allow the domination of women to flourish in Latin America. HQ 18 L29. VIDEO

Margaret Mead and Samoa

51 min., Wombat Film & Video, 1988 - presents new evidence in the controversy generated among anthropologists by Derek Freeman's refutation of Mead's Coming of Age in Samoa. GN671. S2 M37 1988. VIDEO

Margaret Wharton: Fish Bowl

8 min., Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, 1983 - this Chicago sculptor transforms a wooden salad bowl into fish vertebrae, revealing the spontaneity thought process and the precision of her work. NK9798 .W4 A6 1983

Maria Candelaria

(Spanish with English subtitles) 99 min., Facets Video, 1945 - this Mexican classic feature film tells the story of a young woman (Delores del Rio) mercilessly persecuted by townspeople because of her mother's immoral behavior. PN1997 .M25927 1980z. VIDEO

Marian Anderson

27 min., World Artists Inc., 1953 - Presents this artist as she sings a program of songs in rehearsal as well as on the concert stage. FILM

Maria's Story

53 min., Filmmaker's Library, 1990 - Presents the story of a woman who joined the FMLN guerrillas in El Salvador to fight for justice against the U.S. supported government. FILM

Mary Cassat: Impressionist from Philadelphia

30 min., Films Inc., 1975 - One of the five greatest 19th century U.S. artists is portrayed through stills and on-location footage of the places she painted. N 65 37 C35 A23 1975. VIDEO

Mary Silliman's War

94 min., Heritage Films, 1993 - based on the memoir and letters of Mary Silliman, this film depicts the struggle during the American Revolutionary War of Fairfield, Conn., a town deeply and bitterly divided over independence. E276.M37 1993. VIDEO

Masai Women

52 min., Films Inc., 1974 - looks at tribal women and their role from childhood thorough marriage and old age in a male- dominated society in the East African Rift Valley. DT443.3 .M37 M37 1974. VIDEO

Masculin/Feminin (Masculine/Feminine)

French with English subtitles, 104 min., Festival, 1966 - Godard's inquiry into the generation which he refers to as the "children of Marx and Coca-Cola," the 60's youth culture. This feature film deals with gender relations and love. FILM

Me & Rubyfruit Program

Four Videos by Sadie Benning, 18 min., Dist. by Women Make Movies - Four autobiographical videos which explore the "traumas and ecstasy of adolescent dykedom." HQ 75.4.B4 B46 1992. VIDEO

Medieval Women

24 min., International Film Bureau, 1988 - examines attitudes about women in the Middle Ages by exploring their roles as defined by the church. HQ 1147. E85 .M 32 1989. VIDEO

Men and Women Working Together

Films for the Humanities and Sciences, 18 min., Focuses on the changing roles of women in the workplace and discrimination in the workplace. HD 6060 .M45 1991. VIDEO


23 min., CRM/McGraw-Hill, 1967 - provokes discussion regarding the understanding, consideration, and responsibilities of decisions about sex. Points out many dilemmas in modern society concerning changing morals of young people. Presents, through observation, viewpoints on sex and sex behavior. FILM

Metropolitan Avenue

52 min, New Day Films, 1985 - An inspiring film about community that addresses the changing role of women and how powerful ordinary people can be when they join together for something they believe in. Racial tensions, cutbacks in municipal services, and a changing economy threaten a lively Brooklyn neighborhood. Traditional homemakers from various ethnic backgrounds organize and lead the struggle to save their community. F129.B7 M47 1985 VIDEO

Mexico: Rebellion of the Llorona

60 min., Films for the Humanities and Sciences, 1997. Examines life in Mexico through the eyes of its women. F1236.M495 1997. VIDEO

Mi In: Dia Sereno (Mi In: Serene Day)

24 min., Films for the Humanities and Sciences, 1998. Interview with 1992 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Rigoberta MinchĂș, in which she discusses her fight for women's rights and for those of her own Mayan Quiche people. She also shares her thoughts with other modern women about the difficulties of balancing family with a career. F1465.2 Q5 M388 1998. VIDEO

Mi Vida: The Three Worlds of Marie Gutierrez

28 min., Chip Aylor Communications - recounts the story of a young Mexican woman who at 14 knew no English but at the age of 14 achieved a full scholarship to the University of California four years later through personal effort. F870. M5 M42 1986. VIDEO

Miriams Daughters Celebrate

Ca. 30 min., produced by Lilly Rivlin, 1986- Discusses the changing roles of Jewish women and their demand for equal rights. HQ 1393 .M57 1986. VIDEO

Mirror, Mirror

By Jan Krawitz, 1990, 17 min., Dist. by Women Make Movies - "Explores the relationship between a woman's body image and the quest for an idealized female form." BF 697.5.B63 M57 1990. VIDEO

Miss Goodall and the Wild Chimpanzees

28 min., Films Inc., 1966 - describes the field project in which anthropologist Jane Goodall studied the behavior of wild chimpanzees in Africa over several years. FILM

Miss Julie

90 min., Embassy Home Entertainment, 1985 - based on the play, Froken Julie by Swedish playwright August Strindberg, this dramatization by the Royal Shakespeare Company which shows how a noble woman's disgrace begins to destroy her. PN1997 .M61832 1985. VIDEO

Miss, Mrs. or Ms. What's It All About

25 min., Carousel Films, 1977 - newscaster Sylvia Chase and Christopher Glenn explain the meaning of Women's Movement: why it came about and what it hopes to achieve. Several fantasy episodes demonstrate the development of the conditions. FILM

Monday's Girls

49 min., California Newsreel, 1993 - A grandmother named Monday Moses in Ogoloma, Nigeria is responsible for taking the young girls of the village through the rites of passage into womanhood so that they will be ready for marriage. DT515.45.I33 M66 1993 VIDEO

Morrison: Profile of a Writer

52 min., dist. by Home Visions - Author, Toni Morrison, discusses slavery and the problems of dealing with such powerful material. PS3563.O8749 Z47 1987. VIDEO


98 min., Sony - Describes the life of a family in postwar Japan. PN1997.G67 M673 1984 VIDEO

Mother Love

26 min., Carousel Films, 1960 - Records the experiments of Dr. Harry Hallow of the University of Wisconsin in which he uses two rhesus monkeys to study the infant-mother relationships. FILM

Mother Love

59 min., Lexington,KY.: Cafe Sisters Production,1996- captures the conflicting emotions that bond four mothers and their daughters. The filmmakers followed their evolving relationships over a period of three years in the town of Pikevill, Kentucky. A broken marriage, dreams of moving to the New york city, and getting off welfare are some of the stories explored in this moving documentary. BF723.G77 1996 MEDIA.

Mr. Justice Blackmun

58 min., Films Inc., 1987 - this justice wrote the majority opinion in Roe v. Wade, the case which legalized abortion in the U.S., talks about the emotional and moral challenge of interpreting the Constitution, and comments on other famous cases. (i.e., Bowers v. Hardwick) JK31 .I55 1987 pt.2 VIDEO

My Film Making, My Life

Women Make Movies, 1990 Spanish with English Subtitles - Patricia Diaz tells about making films in Mexico, as a woman. PN 1998.3L3M9 1990. VIDEO

My Mother Thought She Was Audrey Hepburn

17 min., Filmmakers Library - A story about growing up as an Asian-American in a white society in San Francisco's Chinatown. E184 C5 M9 1989. VIDEO

My Second Life

53 min., Bronco Video, 1996 - Introduction and narration in English; interviews in German, with English subtitles. HQ1630.5 .M9 1996

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