Women's Studies: Films and Videos

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N!ai, the Story of a !Kung Woman

59 min., Documentary Educational Resources, 1980 - Focuses on N!ai and looks at the life of the !Kung Ju/Wasi before and after their contact with the Europeans. DT709 .N35 1980. VIDEO

Nancy Graves

34 min., Video Data Bank, 1978 - this sculptor/painter/filmmaker uses natural history as a reference in deal with time, space and form relationships. She discusses the transition from sculpture to painting. N6537 .G69 A35 1978

The Nappy

28 min., Women Make Movies, 1998. Ten African-American women discuss the reasons they choose to stop straightening their hair and go natural. The video also touches on the consequences of their decisions and on the importance and significance of hairstyles in African-American culture. TT972.N37 1998. VIDEO

Nice Colored Girls

By Tracey Moffatt, 1987, 26 min., Dist. by Women Make Movies - "Explores the history of exploitation between white men and Aboriginal women." PN 1995.9.W6 N53 1987. VIDEO

Nine to Five

28 min., WNET-TV, 1975 - presents a candid discussion with five women who work in clerical positions. HD6053 .N55 1975. VIDEO

No Longer Silent

56 min., Cine-Sith/International Film Bureau, 1986 - award-winning documentary which shows women in India engaged in the struggle against injustices in their society: bride burning and dowry abuse, abortion of females, second rate health care and nutrition and the contrast in media ads with well dressed women. HQ1743 .N65 1986. VIDEO

No Means No

32 min, Human Relations Media, 1991 - Offers advice about self-esteem, dating, sex, and encourages viewers to determine their own sexual boundaries by providing them with skills to say "no" to forced sexual intercourse. HQ801.83 .N6 1991 VIDEO

No Time for Tears: Vietnam, the Women Who Served

1993 - Documentary in which seven women who served in Vietnam as nurses and Red Cross personnel describe why they went, what they did there, how life in a combat zone changed them, and how their experience continues to effect them today. DS 559.8 W6 N6 1993. VIDEO

No Way! Not Me: The Feminization of Poverty Series, Part I

29 min., National Film Board of Canada - A lecture by Rosemary Brown, former cabinet minister in British Columbia. HQ 1381.N6 1989. VIDEO

Noa at Seventeen: The Kibbutz in Crisis

86 min., Ergo Media, Inc., 1987 - Noa, a seventeen year old, struggles for personal autonomy as an ideological debate over the future of Kibbutz socialism tears her family apart. PS3531.O752 N65 1987. VIDEO

Not a Love Story, a Film about Pornography

68 min., National Film Board of Canada - offers insights and perspectives on the pornography industry with particular attention to issues of economic, sexism, and gender relations. FILM

Not for Ourselves Alone: The Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony

210 min., Warner Home Video, 1999 - The story of Elizabeth Stanton and Susan Anthony, who were born into a world ruled entirely by men.  By the time their lives were over, they had changed for the better the lives of women. HQ1412.N89 1999. VIDEO

Not One of the Boys

60 min., DuArt Video, 1984 - documentary about women in politics in the U.S. which looks closely at the 1983 elections - the congressional, gubernatorial and the Mondale-Ferraro presidential electoral defeat. JK1976 .N67 1984 VIDEO

The Nun

By Jacques Rivette, 155 min., - 18th century story of a 16 year old girl who is forced by her mother to enter a convent. PQ 1979 .A762 1990. VIDEO

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