Women's Studies: Films and Videos

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On the Eighth Day: Perfecting Mother Nature (Making Babies Perfect)

2 parts, 51 min. each., Dist. by Women Make Movies - Discusses new reproductive and genetic technologies. Why are these procedures being developed and what affect will these procedures have on society, women, children, and the elderly. QH 438.7 .O5. VIDEO

One Fine Day

6 min., Ishtar Films, 1984 - a celebration of women in the U.S., past and present. Presents a montage of Kay Weaver's song, "One Fine Day". HQ1410 .O53 1984. VIDEO

One Hundred Children Waiting for the Train

57 min., First Run/Icarus Films, 1988 - from Chile, this film follows Professora Alicia Vega as every Saturday she turns the Chapel of La Hermida, in one of Santiago's poorest slums into a film projection room as she teaches a workshop for children. Shows the lives of these students, their homes and families and the work they do to survive at such a young age within the political context of Chile under Pinochet's dictatorship. FILM

One Person's Struggle with Gender-biased Language

37 min., Bowling Green, Ohio : Bowling green state university, c1994 - Defines gender-biased language, explains why it is inappropriate, presents reasons for resistance to change and suggests alternate word choices. P120.S48 P37 1994 Media

One Step Ahead: Israeli & Palestinian Women

51 min., Eshel Productions, 1995 - "A profile of six Jewish and Palestinian women who are working together to further the peace process." DS 119.7 O54 1995 Media

An Ordinary Rape

Bby Isabelle Coulet, 1993, 54 min., Icarus Films - "Examines the cultural misconceptions surrounding date rape." HV 6558 O735 1992. VIDEO

Other Women, Other Work

20 min., Churchill Films, 1973 - the pilot of a mail plane, an NBC/TV journalist, a carpenter, a truck driver, a scientist doing research on kelp, and a veterinarian are shown working and discussing their work. Of different races they have one thing in common: all are women, pioneering in fields formerly considered man's work. FILM

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