Women's Studies: Films and Videos

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Painting Nudes and Women

30 min., Films Incorporated, 1974 - John Berger and a panel of women examine the difference between nakedness and nudity in painting and thought. FILM

Patently Offensive

58 min., Filmakers Library - Examines the social and historical context of pornography. HQ472.U6 P27 1991. VIDEO

Paving the Way

52 min., Filmakers Library, 1995 - this story profiles four women, Justice Bader Ginsburg, Major General Jeanne Holm, Reverend Addie Wyatt, and Congresswoman Patsy Mink, who challenged the stereotypes and entered fields dominated by men. CT3260 .P384 1995. VIDEO

Performing the Border

43 min., Women Make Movies, 1999. Examines the socioeconomic problems of the Mexican-American border region, focusing on hardships faced by women in newly urbanized areas. HQ1462.B54 1999. VIDEO

Pink Triangles

35 min., Cambridge Documentary Films - makes explicit ties between the interment and persecution of gay men in Nazi Germany and the rise of homophobia in the U.S. Further discusses racism and direct links to discrimination against lesbians and gay men. Discusses the issues of denial as it feeds homophobia and misogyny. Presents views from diverse lesbians. FILM

The Pinks and Blues

57 min., WGBH: Time-Life, 1980 - studies the subtle ways parents and teachers condition children to accept what are regarded as traditional sex roles. BF 692.2 .P5. VIDEO

A Place Called Lovely

By Sadie Benning, 20 min., Dist. by Women Make Movies - "recounts difficult childhood memories and questions societal standards which allow violence to exist." PN1995.9 L48 B465 1992. VIDEO

A Place of Rage

53 min., Women Make Movies, 1991. Prominent black women comment upon experiences of African-American women, upon racial discrimination, and its effects on the American culture. E185.61 .P64 1991. VIDEO

Playing Unfair: The Media Image of the Female Athlete

30 min. Media Education Foundation, 2002. It has been 30 years since Title IX legislation granted women equal playing time, but the male-dominated world of sports journalism has yet to catch up with the law. Coverage of women's sport lags far behind men's, and focuses on female athletes femininity and sexuality over their achievements on the court and field. GV709 P53 2002 VIDEO

Portrait of Imogen

28 min., New Day Films, - presents interviews with the photographer Imogen Cunningham in which she presents many of her photographs and her enormous influence on the aesthetics of photography in the U.S. FILM

The Potluck and the Passion

22 min., Dancing Girl Productions, 1993, - A dramatic recreation of a potluck dinner, hosted by a black lesbian couple in celebration of their first anniversary. The video follows the conversation and events of the evening among the dinner guests, with commentary by actors interspersed. HQ75.5 .P68 1993. VIDEO

Problems of Working Women

24 min., Films for the Humanities & Sciences - Correspondent Charlayne Hunter-Gault interviews single working women and discusses their problems with panelists Congresswoman Patricia Schroeder and Shirley Dennis, Department of Labor Women's Bureau. HD 6055 .W675 1988. VIDEO

Prostitution Is Power

18 min., Folkwang Museum, 1981 - an art film on the use of video as an art-form. PN1992 .8. V5 H3. VIDEO

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