Women's Studies: Films and Videos

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Sacrifice (The Story of Child Prostitutes from Burma)

50 min., Film Library, 1998.- Each year thousands of girls are recruited from rural Burmese villages to work in brothels in Thailand where they are held for years in debt bondage. This film, through interviews with the girls, examines the social, cultural and economic forces at work in the trafficking of these Burmese girls. HQ232.7.A5 S22 1998. VIDEO

Saint Louis Blues

16 mm., Blackhawk Films, 1929 - the only film in which the singer Bessie Smith ever appeared. Shows her in a short dramatic role-one written around the songs she sings. Bessie's rich, powerful voice projects the magic that made her Queen of the Blues. FILM

Saints and Spirits

25 min., Icarus Films, 1978 - Moroccan women relate three Islamic worship experiences - 1. Marrakech festival experience; 2. a pilgrimage to a "moussem" in the mountains; 3. a veneration of a new saint's shrine in a small plains village. BP 189.33 .S34 1980. VIDEO

Salt of the Earth

94 min., Home Video, 1954 - 94 min., MacMillan Films, 1953 - recreates an actual year-long strike by Mexican- American zinc miners in New Mexico and the crucial role women played during this struggle against U.S. mining interests. Many of the people who put this film together were blacklisted during the McCarthy era, and the people who play in it were non-professional actors and actresses. PN1997. S14 1954b. VIDEO

Salt of the Earth

94 min., MacMillan Films, 1953 - recreates an actual year-long strike by Mexican-American zinc miners in New Mexico and the crucial role women played during this struggle against U.S. mining interests. Many of the people who put this film together were blacklisted during the McCarthy era, and the people who played in it were non-professional actors and actresses. FILM

Satya, a Prayer for the Enemy

28 min., Film Library, 1993. Focuses on personal testimonies of Tibetan Buddhist nuns who have taken the lead in resisting Chinese occupation in Tibet.. BQ855 S27 1993. VIDEO

Señorita Extraviada

76 min., Distributed by Women Make Movies, 2001 - Over 250 young women were kidnapped, raped and murdered from the city of Juárez, Mexico. The perpetuators of these crimes have not been apprehended, even though these crimes have been occurring regularly since 1993. HV6535.M63 C58 2001. VIDEO

Senso Daughters: Daughters of War

54 min., First Run/Icarus Films, 1990. The story of Japanese and Korean women brought to Papua New Guinea by Japan as "military commodities" from 1942-1945. HQ271.5.A5 S46 1990. VIDEO

Sex and the Sandinistas

25 min., Women Make Movies, 1991 - in this documentary, Nicaraguan lesbians and gay men speak for the first time about their revolutionary struggles with and within the Sandinista-led state. Also explores gay and lesbian life in Managua and looks at sexuality within the FSLN and lesbian and gay rights within socialism. F1525.3 S63 S48 1991. VIDEO

Sexism in Language

Films for the Humanities, 1991 - Presents closely analyzed examples that show how sexism and anti-sexism may be contained in language use - in song lyrics, everyday conversation, news reports, written conventions, and satire. P120.S48 S475 1991. VIDEO

Sexual Harassment

19 min., Philip Associates, 1981 -examines the financial implications of suits files against businesses and give instructions for establishing policies and procedures. HD6060.3 .S48 1981. VIDEO

Sexual Harassment from 9 to 5

27 min., Films for the Humanities & Sciences - Discusses the changing laws regarding sexual harassment in the workplace and how companies are responding. HD 6060.5 U5 S484 1986. VIDEO

Sexual Harassment on the Job

Phil Donahue Show, 28 min., "Susan Meyer of Working Women's Institute explores how women get themselves into difficult situations and how to handle harassment." HD 6095 .S495 1987. VIDEO

Sexual Stereotypes in Media: Superman and the Bride

Films for the Humanities, 1993 - about sexual stereotypes in the media and with marriage. P96.S5 S495 1993. VIDEO

She Don't Fade

24 min., Dancing Girl Productions, 1991 - Shae Clark, played by director Dunye, is a black lesbian who is gossipy about her sexuality and her new approach to women. PN1997 .D87 S53 1991. VIDEO

She's Nobody's Baby, a History of American Women in the 20th Century

60 min., MS. Foundation for Education and Communications, 1981 - examines the conflicting advice U.S. Culture has offered women over the last 80 years, studying how it has shaped women in the ways they have accepted, rejected or reacted. FILM

Shoulder to Shoulder

58 min., PBS Video, 1988 - tells the story of British Suffragists: Pankurst Family, Annie Keeney, and Lady Constance. JS3212 .S56 1988. VIDEO

Sigmund Freud's Dora

Jane Weinstock, 29 min., uses excerpts from on of Sigmund Freud's case studies in a series of vignettes and these are interspersed with T.V. commercials which contain subliminal messages which are then made explicit. Begins a deconstructionist critique of Freudian psychoanalysis , sexuality, incest and gender relations as they relate to this case. FILM

Simone de Beauvoir

53 min. Films for the Humanities and Sciences, 1999. This presentation uses dramatization from fiction and readings from Simone de Beauvoir's memoirs to explore her views on the world and on the role of the intellectual. HQ 1154 S55 1999. VIDEO

Simone de Beauvoir: Un Film

110 min. Simone de Beauvoir recalls the events and ideas of her life in conversations with Jean-Paul Sartre and Claude. French dialogue, English subtitles. PQ2603 E362 Z87 1982. VIDEO

Simplemente Jenny

33 min., International Women's Film Project, 1977 - interviews 60 min., The history of the founding of the role played by the Women's Air Force Service pilots in World War II. UG633 S54 1980. VIDEO women in Latin America in a discussion of culture, gender roles and relationships. FILM

Sink or Swim

40 min., Drift, 1990 - account of an immutable and highly charged relationship between a father and a daughter. This film presents a young girl's 26 short stories which recount memories of a father she both fears and admires. FILM

Sisterhood: Hyping the Female Market

24 min., Paper Tiger Television, 1993 - this video takes a critical and humorous stab at the recent plethora of "pro-feminist" advertising. HF5822.S57 1993. VIDEO

Sisters and Daughters Betrayed: The Trafficking of Women and Girls and the Fight to End It

20 min., University of California Extension Center for Media and Independent Learning, 1995 - a report on the practice of selling women into virtual slavery across national borders, from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. HQ411.A4.S57. VIDEO

Slaying the Dragon

CrossCurrant Media, 1987 - about Asian women in motion pictures and the racism that occurs. PN1995.9.A78 S583 1987. VIDEO

Slim Hopes

Media Education Foundation, 1995 - Explores the manner in which women are portrayed by advertising with a focus on thinness. Discusses the impact this portrayal has on the self image of women and girls. BF697 .5.B63 S64 1995. VIDEO

Small Happiness, Women in a Chinese Village

58 min., New Day Films, 1984 - presents a powerful exploration of sexual politics as Chinese women speak frankly about footbinding, birth control, work, love and marriage. FILM

Sojourner Truth

23 min., Sylvestre Watkins Co., 1986 - Syl Watkins uses the issuance of the U.S. commemorative stamp of this African American woman as a start in point for discussing her roles in the early women's rights and anti-slavery movements. VCT 153. VIDEO

Some Women of Marrakech

60 min., Granada Television International, 1981 - looks at women in "purdah" or "hijab" (seclusion) in Morocco by showing their lives, interests and the part religion plays in their lifestyles. HQ 1170 S6. VIDEO

A Song of Ceylon

51 min., Women Make Movies, 1985 - Accompanied by slow-moving images, a narrator recounts the exorcism of a young Sri Lankan woman. PN1997 .S56853 1985 VIDEO

The Sorrow of Gin

60 min., A tale of life in suburban America centers on an eight-year-old girl's search for a sense of family amid the sophisticated and detached whirl of her parent's lives. PS 3505 H6428 S6 1981. VIDEO

Speaking of Nairobi

56 min., Indiana University, 1986 - 17,000 women gathered in Nairobi, Kenya in July 1985 for the official conference concluding the United Nations' Decade for Women and the unofficial conference, Forum '85. Follows some of the discussions and interviews Kenyan women to provide an insightful look at women's critiques of their societies. FILM

A Special Lady

24 min., Jerry Burke, Inc., 1980 - actors portray a situation in which a couple arrange a contract with a surrogate mother, working out the adoption through a lawyer specializing in the process. HQ 759.5 .S63 1980z. VIDEO

A Spy in the House That Ruth Built

By Vanalyne Green, 1989, 29 min., Dist. by Women Make Movies - "Appropriates the all-male arena of professional baseball to create a visual essay about family, loss, and sexuality." GV706.4 .S69 1989. VIDEO

Stale Rolls and Tight Buns

O.A.S.I.S., 1988 - looks at the stereotyped images of men in advertising, especially in magazine and newspaper ads. HF5822 .S72 1988. VIDEO

Step by Step: Building a Feminist Movement

56 min., Step by Step, 1998. Traces the gradual emergence of contemporary feminism through the life stories of 8 women who helped make it happen from 1941-1977. HQ1410.S74 1998. VIDEO

Still Killing Us Softly

58 min., Cambridge Documentary Films, 1987 - updated version of Killing Us Softly, which examines the continuing roles of men and women in advertising. Documents an increase in not only sexist images, but also of the rise of violence and the sexualization of children. FILM/D-14,149

Stop Era Video

32 min., Eagle Forum, c1984- Subject: Equal Rights Amendment, Schlafly, Phillis, Gay Rights. A video produced to dissuade Maine voters from passing the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment). Schlafly links feminism and the ERA movement with abortion rights and gay and lesbian rights issue and makes the case that the ERA will threaten traditional values and undermine American society. HQ1236.5.U6 S33 1984

String Bean

17 min., CRM/McGraw-Hill, 1965 - a story about an older women and her love for a potted string bean plant, telling about her plans for its incorporation into the Jardin de Tuleries. No Narration. FILM

37 Stories about Leaving Home

52 min., San Francisco, CA: Distributed by NAATA Distribution, c1996- Subject:Japan, Mothers, Daughters. This documentary examines the relationships among grandmothers, mothers and daughters in Japan through interviews. Interwoven throughout is a Japanese folk tale. HQ7162.A15 1996

Summer of Aviya

96 min., Ergo Media, 1996 - An autobiographical film about a Holocaust survivor who immigrates with her daughter to the newly founded Israeli state.  Aviya is a spunky 10 year old who, like her mother, is a survivor in the face of persecution. PN1997 K378 1996. VIDEO

Susan B. Anthony Slept Here

Films for the Humanities, 1995 - film about the lives of Bessie Smith, C. J. Walker, Christa McAuliffe, Susan B. Anthony, Babe Didrickson Zaharias, Annie Oakley, Georgia O'Keefe. HQ1412 .S87 1995. VIDEO.


By Susana Munoz, Women Make Movies, 25 min., An autobiographical portrait of a women who leaves her home in Argentina to get away from the structures of Latin America cultural and family pressures. An effective film "for discussion on the juncture of racism, sexism and homophobia both in the U.S. and Latin America. HQ 75.4 B44 1988. VIDEO

Sweet Honey in the Rock

60 min., Syl Watkins, 1980 - 60 min., Syl Watkins, 1980 - this African American women's quartet presents an hour of folk, gospel, and African American songs. M2198 .S94 1980

Sylvia Pankhurst

58 min., PBS Video, 1988 - shows the story of women's suffrage in England and this suffragette's contributions. JS3212 .S56 1988 pt.6. VIDEO

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