Women's Studies: Films and Videos

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Take This Women

25 min., Films Inc., 1971 - presents a study of equal employment opportunity as it relates to women. Cites cases, judicial decisions and experts' views to show that women have been denied career, promotional, and educational opportunities. FILM

Teens & Sex in Europe: A Story of Rights, Respect & Responsibility

17 min. Advocates for Yourth, 2000, Provides a glimpse into the sexual health attitudes of Dutch, German, and French teens and their parents and into the attitudes of government officials, educators, and health care providers. HQ27 T446 2000. VIDEO

That Which Is Between

By Mona Smith, Women Make Movies, 8 min., A film which "explores the juncture of Native spirituality and the process of living with AIDS." BT732.5 .T43 1989. VIDEO

Thelma and Louise

130 min., MGM/UA Home Video, 1991 - Feature film about an unhappy housewife Thelma and her wise cracking waitress friend Louise who decide to take a break from their lives -- Thelma from her chauvinistic husband and Louise from her commitment shy musician boyfriend. They embark on a trip that leads to a tragic incident at a roadside honky tonk. PS3561.H58 T485 1991. VIDEO

These Hands

45 min., California Newsreel, 1992 - Surveys a typical workday in the lives of impoverished women in Tanzania who manually mine gravel used for making concrete for urban building projects. DT442.5 .T53 1992. VIDEO

Through the Glass Ceiling

17 min., Filmakers Library, 1994 - "this highly entertaining animation will delight any classroom conference or seminar on equality for women in the workplace. It tells the story of Princess Ella who was showered with desirable gifts at birth, except for the curse of her wicked aunt. That curse was that she should learn to type at age 16. Narrowly escaping this awful fate, Ella sets out on her career path at the Equal Opportunities Kingdom. HD6054.3 .T57 1994. VIDEO

Times of Darkness

New York, NY: Women make movies, 1997. VCT.886

To Be a Woman Soldier

50 min., Ergo Media, Inc., 1987 - This enlightening documentary effectively illustrates the realities of army service for women in Israel. PN1992.95 T6 1987. VIDEO

Tough Guise: Violence, Media, and the Crisis in Masculinity

57 min., Media Education Foundation, 1999. Looks systematically at the relationship between the images of popular culture and the social construction of masculine identities in the U.S. in the late 20th Century.

The Torture of Mothers: The Case of the Harlem Six

Directed by Woodie King, Jr. Essenay Entertainment, 60 min., story of a group of mothers defend their falsely accused sons. F128.9.N3 T67 1991. VIDEO

Touki Bouki: The Journey of the Hyena

85 min., Library of African Cinema, dist. by California Newsreels - Story of two outlaw women described as "African cousins of the couple in BONNIE & CLYDE," about an African confronting Western materialism which is sweeping aside traditional ties and values. PN 1997 T65. VIDEO

The Trojan Women

105 min., Films for the Humanities, 1983 - Euripides' psychological study of the women of Troy, who are left to carry on after the men have done their warrior act. PA3975 .T8 S52 1983. VIDEO

Twist Barbie: Lynn Spigel Dreams of Plastic Feminism

27 min., Paper Tiger Television, 1994 - Lynn Spigel discusses the historical, cultural and social aspects of the Barbie doll phenomenon, while displaying a wide variety of Barbie dolls, apparel and accessories. NK4894.3.B37 T95 1994. VIDEO

Twyla Tharp: Making Television Dance

58 min., BFA/Phoenix Films, 1980 - explores the relationship between television and dance performance, featuring Tharp and Mikhail Baryshnikov. GV1779 .T89 1980. VIDEO

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