Women's Studies: Films and Videos

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Veiled Revolution

27 min., First Run/Icarus Films, 1982 - this documentary deals with the changing lives of women in the Arab world by looking at the early feminists of Egypt in the 1920s who removed the veil and those of today who are returning to the traditional dress. BJ 1292 W6 V44 1982. VIDEO

Vine and the Fig Tree

27 min., 1967 - pictures the young secretary of Labor, Francis Perkins, the first woman to serve in a President's cabinet, confronting the economic devastation of the 1930's with 13 million workers unemployed, farmers thrown off the land, and men standing in bread-lines. FILM

Violence against Women

32 min., Osanka and Johann, Human Relations Media, c1995- Provides an understanding of the causes and the effects of violence against women. Includes comments from victims and their assailants as well as legal and family crisis experts. HV6626.V54 1995

Visions of the Spirit: A Portrait of Alice Walker

By Elena Featherston, 1989, 58 min., dist. by Women Make Movies - A profile of Walker as mother, daughter, philosopher and activist. PS 3573 .A425 Z9 1989. VIDEO

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